Is that Heath inside the suit of armour? Maybe... if you want it to be!!

Over the past month or so I’ve uploaded a ‘few’ photos that I took while travelling overseas in 1992. There is still 2 albums I haven’t scanned yet, but might leave them for now… I’ll see how I go!

I travelled throughout Europe using trains and staying in Youth Hostels, train stations and castles. In the UK I had a little old blue car which I drove everywhere I could in the space of time I had available. I travelled by myself, but I met so many people on the trains and in the hostels, that I wasn’t on my own much at all. July 1992 was spent staying in Switzerland for the Rover 9th World Moot… a type of jamboree for adult scouts! That was an experience and a half as well!!

I had planned on working and backpacking in the UK and Europe for 2 years, but after nearly one year came home… just missed family and friends too much!

I’m not including all the photos, just my favourites… I only took about 12 rolls of film!! Imagine if I had a digital camera back then!! There’d be thousands to see!!! Love my digital camera… no film or developing costs… plus, I get to see my fab images in an instant!!!

Talk about living in a world of instant… instead of chatting over video phone I used to write to friends using a cassette which we posted back and forth! It was such a brilliant working holiday! I recommend it for everyone to try at least once!

Anyway… you’re not here to read this… you want to see my beautiful photos!! Enjoy ;D

Backpacking in Europe, 1992

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