Life is for living, not watching it pass

In the next few days I’ll be uploading a bunch of photos I took while travelling overseas in 1992. I had planned on working and backpacking in the UK and Europe for 2 years, but after nearly one year came home… just missed family and friends too much!
As was written by yours truly such a long time ago. But sometimes sad things happen and it takes a while to get back into living among others again.

We had to say goodbye to my Nanna. She was much loved throughout her long life and slipped away quietly to a better place. I can see her now, sitting painting and sewing in heaven surrounded by fluffly clouds and sunshine (nestled among the lavender and roses), munching on nettle soup (from stinging nettles of course… no joke… she used to love it!!! It’s good for you she’d say!!) and crackers. Then for afters, anzac biscuits and a cup of good strong tea!!
At least now my Nanna is out of the pain and suffering that was the last 3 weeks of her life (stroke and heart attack… she’s 89). Even so… she is so sadly missed by us all. My Mum is very slowly smiling again, and will one day remember her own Mum with only smiles, not tears.

Now I shall get back to what I was doing before… uploading my beautiful photos from the past and even more from today!! Life is for living, not watching it pass…

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