Holidays!!!!! aka RB Meet at Mannum!

Off to Mannum in 5 minutes or so (or 30 knowing my speed) to attend a weekend of fun, laughter, photography (hoping to learn lots) and generally relaxing and hopefully drawing too!! Not taking the paints, just he colouring stuff (pencils, textas etc).

So, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and don’t miss me too much! I don’t know if I’ll have internet connection up there, so I’ll be back on Sunday night to brag about it all and hopefully, if I’m totally organised (ha ha) have some photos too!

Anything I miss I will catch up with then ;D

rush rush… time is going so fast today!!

Make sure Fa starts feeling better and Ellen enjoys being married… Karin, I’m sure you will have tonnes of new artworks for me to goggle over!! Feels weird not being able to just pop into the bubbles each day. Bad enough having to share the computer with Zac this morning while I was sorting stuff out!! He has a pupil free day today, which works out great for us!

Anyway, I’m only going for a weekend not a year!!!

See you Sunday night!!

{{{{{hugs to all}}}}}

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