Don't like this slow internet stuff!!

I’ve not been around alot lately. All I did was update a few things on the computer and next thing I know, I’ve been shaped.
Not into anything adorable or cute like a frog or a cat or a little monster… not even into a bird!! No. My internet speed is shaped or rather, slowed down (by heaps)… but only from 12noon to 2am each day until Oct 11.
So annoying. My available time to be here in the bubbles is at night (and each page takes forever to load), after my son’s gone to bed!!

He came home on Saturday, btw, after a week with his father. Its so fantastic that he’s home safe and sound!! I know, I say that every time he comes home. Its just how I feel. And he feels happy and safe to be home. So we’re even!!!

Plus we’re off to Wallaroo to see my very good friend Belladonna. I’m having DT’s and can’t wait till Wednesday night to be here again… but I might not stay long, it will depend on how patient I am with this speed thing.
Not to worry, it’ll be the 11th soon… Plus I may have Thursday morning to play!!! That’ll be nice!!

So I will catch up with you all when I do!

Have loads of fun floating around the bubbles of our favourite virtual home.

Happy bubbles

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