George Petrovsky

Thirlmere, Australia

An old photographer and his dog trying to find what turns a photograph into a worthwhile picture. Perhaps try to take a worthwhile...

Exciting New Artist bursts into Red Bubble!

Kaienari…. This will be a name to remember as the works of this talented Artist from Thirlmere NSW, send a frissant of raw excitement through the Art World!

Working in a variety of mediums, presently using acrylics, Kaienari – in the current series – used the unique format of creating the works on dried sawn timber, to give unforeseen depth and unique texture. Of course, the original sawn timber planks can’t be sent through the mail, but naturally, Posters or Canvases are available to grace the walls of discerning Art lovers.

Please, go and visit Kaienari’s site, which is in its formative stages. Make the artist welcome to Red Bubble and, of course, purchase some of the fabulous works!


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