George Petrovsky

Thirlmere, Australia

An old photographer and his dog trying to find what turns a photograph into a worthwhile picture. Perhaps try to take a worthwhile...

Oh golly gosh!!! Home Page!!

I have a big smile on my face … I discovered that last night my image No Glory Without Power! was featured on RB Home Page (and I slept right through it!!!). What an honour!

Added to that, my
- Flannel Flower and Fly No 2 came 2nd in the Don’t Bug Me challenge AND was Featured in the Australian Native Plants Group
- The Fireman was featured in Trains Group
- Blue Iris was featured in Impressive Irises
I had card sales of both Spring Garden Path #1 and Garden Girl. THANK YOU to the buyer – you have great taste!

Thank you also to all who encourage and support!!!


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