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Heart-warming Christmas Spirit

Heart-warming Christmas Spirit

The generosity and thoughtfulness of people, especially at this time of the year, never fails to bring a warm glow to the heart – and sometimes a tear to the eye.

Why, only this morning as I checked my emails, the President of the Bank of Lower Messapotamia had a personal message for me: $2.5 million dollars were waiting to be deposited into my bank account! How it was that I came across this little windfall was unclear – but after I buy my seaside villa, yacht and luxury SUV, upgrade my camera gear to medium format, I’ll be distributing excess monies to worthy charities.

Not only that, but numerous others have a deep concern for my financial welfare. I could have my own ATM, make many thousands of dollars with just 3 clicks – and even make huge heaps of money while I slept! Crikey! With such an amazing offer – I may never want to wake up!

Tearfully, I’d never realized that people could be so generous. Somehow, they’d sought me out, knowing I needed their help.

All that remains for me is to forward my bank account details to all these warm and wonderful people and to wait for the fabulous wealth to come flooding in. Any day now…

As yet another year comes to a close, my thoughts don’t turn to all the gaudy nick-nacks and strings of lights, to the crass commercialism that has overtaken us. I do think of that special and valuable time to be spent with old friends – and of those who will sadly not enjoy such pleasures.

My wealth is counted in friendship, such as I have found with people I may not have met, with whom I commune on this site. There is no need to name names, as we all know who we are.

Should you read this, please accept my warmest wishes for a safe, healthy, happy and creative year ahead.  george

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