The Children Of The Garden

The children watched and played and were happy, but most of all they loved their Garden. Many things grew there, and somehow, they knew what was good and what was bad. Every day as they grew so did the garden. It was amazing to see the different kinds of fruits and flowers. It was strange enough to see those tall trees that started out so small and became so tall. There were all sorts of things to learn from. The animals that were kind because they were loved by the children. Everything was so green. The rain smelt like buttercups and vanilla filled the air. The wind would carry the smell of honey made by the working bees. The trees became shelter for all the smaller animals and the birds sang a melody that made you stand still. There were brooks, streams and a river that just kept flowing. The trees by that river grew strong and had the sweetest fruit that the children ever tasted. One day there was a strange and unusual thing that happened. A tree from out of nowhere sprung up, as if it had been there forever. Some of the children stayed far away, but some grew very curios.
Those children who became interested in what they thought was fascinating became so involved in this new tree that they forgot all about the beautiful things around them. They allowed their gardens, in which they spent so much time in planting to become spoiled. This was the start of how the garden became separated because of this new tree.
Some children became to love the tree more than anything else. After a while they began inviting more children to show them the wonders and secret places that they found around the tree. The other children began to miss their friends and joined them, while others hoped that they would return. Things began to change for everything in the garden. Some children were lonely but they kept busy minding only what they knew and made them happy.
They could not understand why the other children would find happiness in something other than the things they loved . One child said, I have loved this place and watched it grow .I love all the animals and they love me. The trees I planted give us such sweet fruit and I will always love to play by the river, where it is cool. Who needs that big old tree that grew, where no one knew where it came from and when it will go.
Suddenly there began a change among the way the children thought of one another. They started to separate from each other and it showed. The garden began to grow things no one had ever seen before, although they seemed pretty, they stung and hurt when you touched them. These things were not right, not right at all. The children began to experience so many new challenges; they often reflected back on the things they held so dear to .It was impossible to believe that the garden could grow into anything except what they put their hearts into. Only then did the children realize, that was the answer they were looking for.
It’s what you put your heart into, that’s where your treasures are stored. The children began to understand the difference between good and bad. The fruit that was planted with love was good and the tree that no one planted and grew overnight was not the answer to their happiness. It brought sorrow and separation. It took a short time for some children to go back to planting and sowing.And, to try to undo what had happened during their absence. But it was much easier for them because, although things had overgrown in the garden it was not consuming and the beautiful flowers began to bloom and the apples ripened as they fell from the trees.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the garden where the tree that consumed all of the children’s time, began to drop its seeds and strange things began to happen. The rain came and washed most of the seeds into the river, where they were washed away. But the ones that took root sprang up overnight, just like that first tree.
The children began to see that this was not good, not good at all. They said to one another let us go back and find our place with the ones we love and the ones who love us, this tree has nothing to offer and it has separated us from all we had worked so hard.
While returning back they saw all the paths that they had taken were covered with thorns and thistles and even some of those trees that sprung overnight. At first it seemed so easy just to stay where they were, but they knew they just had to get back, their hearts were not right in that place. On the way back they came upon every obstacle, like falling branches, weeds that hurt when stepped on.
The children knew in their hearts and imagined in their minds, the beautiful things they once knew. There even in the worst of places they found joy and happiness knowing they were returning home to the ones that loved them so very much.
It was amazing to see how they cared so much for one another they kept up all hope when things were looking really dark. Each one, protecting the other, from what danger that might cause them to stay in that place. One thing about the garden, it provided the children with all their needs along the way. This was in spite of what was around them.
The children knew if they looked long and hard enough they would not get lost. There was all sorts of good things that they found because, it was what they were searching for. Suddenly the path opened and they found the river,
The trees were so beautiful, green and strong. They knew if they stayed by that river it would surely bring them home to the place they once knew. Their hearts were lifted with laughter. When they heard the birds sing they stood still to listen, but the biggest joy came when behold, waiting there were all the other children.They greeted them with fruit and open arms. They were so missed by one another. Although there was so much work to do, the children knew, together the work would be easy. It took a season for them to get the garden back into shape. But the best thing that ever happened was that tree that sprung overnight along with all its seeds withered and was seen no more.

The Children Of The Garden

George Maris

Charlottesville, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This book emphasizes how obstacles can distract you from your future goals. The trees are symbolic for anything that’s corruptible. It’s also indicative to community structure and awareness. I’ts written simply for a clear message.

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