Features for March and part of April 2010

Very many thanks to the hosts of the various Groups who have honoured me with Features over the past weeks. The recognition is greatly appreciated and I also want to congratulate all the other fine artists with whom I’ve shared the limelight. Well done, everyone!
Featured in #1 Artists of Red Bubble March 2010

“Spring Blossoms”
Featured in Blooming Trees
Featured in Spring Blooms

“Two-Peaks-Maligne Lake”
Featured in Pacific Northwest

“Moods of Mountain Weather”
Featured in Pacific Northwest

“Uniacke House”
Featured in A Home Somewhere

“The Willows of Grand Pre”
Featured in A Garden somewhere

“That’s close enough!”
Featured in Antlers, Racks, and Other Horned Animals

“Tanker at Anchor”
Featured in Nautical

“Castle Mountain Sunset”
Featured in The Great Outdoors

“Hatley Castle (1)”
Featured in Historic Places

“Victoria Spring”
Featured in Blooming Trees

“Craigdarroch Castle”
Featured in A Home somewhere

Featured in Photographers of Canada

“End of Summer”
Featured in Image Writing

“Birds of a Feather”
Featured in #1 Artists of Red Bubble

“Beautiful Lady”
Featured in Nautical

“We Shall Have Plums”
Featured in Blooming Trees – 2 Per Day

“Ornamental Cherry Blossoms”
Featured in Blooming Trees – 2 per day

“Cameron Lake,Vancouver Island”
Featured in Lakes and Inland Waterways

“Hatley Castle, North Side”
Featured in Historic Places

“Rocky Mountain Peaks”
Featured in Live and Let Live

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