What I use to make pictures

What I use, its simple really I have a cheep web cam, to some self portrait work, it was bought of a mate for a £1-00, I did have an even worse one that it did low res, my digi can is nothing flash, I got for Christmas, its Hitachi HDC-1086E.

I use photoshop Elements 2. for all my effects and adjusting the image if needed or make.

Some pictures were with my old 35 mm, that was me dads its nothing grand, an old praktica MLT 5 B.

I think you can use anything if you can get an image, make do with what ever you can get, even if its a web cam or a real old one or even a old digi cam, its the person behind the cam that takes the image. and if you cam make an image with what ever you have, and that image says something, then use it, a good photographer can make do, some of the best in the world started with very complicated equipment, and now you have cameras that do so much more. but its what you see with your eyes and the moment you click that button, capture the micro second of life, and you will capture an image for ever, and for all to see,

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