New camera, decisions...

I am considering buying a new camera. I currently use a combination of a Canon 30D and a Pentax *ist DS – both DSLRs – with an assortment of lenses.

The Canon is a work camera, and I am considering three choices.

1. Canon 5D
2. Canon 40D
3. Canon 30D

I would ultimately love to get a 5D, with the full frame and 12mp sensor. I think this would suit wedding, landscape and portrait photography – which I want to focus on. The 40D comes a close second, and is about a third cheaper. Not as high res and 1.6 crop factor, though 6fps is pretty hot. 30Ds have really come down in price because of the 40D replacing it. I also get to use the 70-200L IS lens I bought for work, which takes amazing shots.

The Pentax was my first DSLR for personal use and takes a lovely shot, but I am wanting to up the ante equipment wise.

Budget-wise, I could really be spending my money on better things, especially for the house. I’m not sure I’ll have enough money coming in just yet to justify it.

I appreciate anyones thoughts, feelings and experiences.

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