Photographing Uluru - any tips?

Hi I’m off to Uluru in a few weeks time and particularly want to photograph it at night. Any tips, best vantage points etc from those of you who have been there? Are there any restrictions on night access eg, gates into Uluru itself that anyone knows of? Very hard to get info off the Net I’ve found which surprised me. Also same for the Olgas. And are there any other places I should try to fit into our 4 day itinerary?



Shameless Trumpet Toot

I was really excited to sell 6 framed prints recenty at a group exhibition and through the local cafe/gallery including 2 copies of two prints:

And RB has also been good to me with 2 mounted print sales of:

1 framed print sale of

3 laminated print sales of

a poster of

and various cards since November last year.

So thanks to all the unknown purchasers (does a Rhana happy dance)

Excitements and Apologies

First off apologies – I’ve been subsumed by life and shoots recently so haven’t been on the Bub for what seems an age. I will catch up with everyone’s work over the next couple of days I hope.

The excitements are the shoots – in particular this one which is a collaboration with my son – it’s actually his shoot. It’s a conceptual piece and so I’ve put it on my other profile but I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you. Hope you enjoy it.

"Body of Work" reactivated

Don’t usually use my journal to talk about groups I host but because this one has been in hiatus for 6 months I thought I’d bring its reactivation to your attention as the featured artist is something special. Check out her pics in the group here and my interview with her here



I've created a new profile, and a bit blown away....

After the great response from my last journal about whether to create a separate profile for my conceptual, portrait and nude images I’ve decided to do just that so here is my new profile for these shots if your are interested:
Geoff Coleman – Conceptuals

This profile here is now called Geoff Coleman – Landscapes and will just be for landscapes (although I can’t stand to lose all the lovely comments I got for my conceptuals and portraits here so I’m just going to keep them but move them up to the back of my port). I won’t be posting anything else but landscapes here now.

But in the very tedious process of loading up all my non-landscapes to the new profile and linking related pics and people in them I had a wonderful experience. No one had me on their Watchlist and I posted the pics withou

Could I get your advice and feedback on a tricky issue please?

My photographic interests have broadened quite a bit since I started on RB. Many of you joined my Watchlist when almost all my images were landscapes. I still adore doing landscapes but I’m now doing a lot more conceptual and model photography as well.…

Anyway what I’d like your feedback on is whether I should start a separate account for these types of shots or keep them all here? The reason for asking is both from the point of view of not wanting to alienate some people, and for marketing purposes.

Personally I love viewing anything my favourite RB photographers post, but I recognise that a lot of people who are into landscapes aren’t into much else, and specifically, quite a few of these find nudes, in particular, offensive. Although I have a very different viewpoint to this one myself,

Apologies and a Curious Sale

My apologies for not commenting on peoples’ work for the past couple of weeks but I’ve been caught up on some exciting photo projects which have kept me mainly off-line. Hope to post the results in the next few weeks and will hopefully catch up on your work on the next couple of weeks.…

I don’t know about you but I get a bit frustrated with multiple posts of images from the same shoot (are you really meant to comment on each pic – you just run out of things to say?) so I’m processing a dozen pics from each shoot and putting them in to two posts.

Anyway I had a curious sale that’s got me thinking about stock libraries more. I just had someone pay the most money I’ve ever sold anything for – $US299 to download a high res copy of this shot from Getty Images to be used in some marketing strate

Looking for a Studio

Hi Folks,

Does anyone know of a photographic studio in Sydney I could hire at nominal rates for a couple of non-commercial shoots? I’ve got some ideas I really want to try and my “sheets dangling from curtain rails” home-studio just isn’t going to cut it for these shoots. But the studios I’ve been looking at on the net are just WAY out of my price range. Any pointers very much appreciated.



Happy 100,000th

Yeeahah – just noticed I’ve had 101,803 views of my work since I joined RB in October 2007. I have also been fortunate enough to sell 48 items on RB in that time – something I never dreamed would happen when I first joined this brilliant community.…

The internet still blows my mind. Prior to its invention how many artists in their lifetime would have 100,000 views of their work? And yet here I am, not even a drop in the ocean of landscape photography getting this many views in only 19 months. And that’s just on RB. On Flickr I’ve had over 300,000 but I’ve been on it longer. God bless the internet I say!!

So I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to either look at, comment on, or buy one of the 99 pics I’ve posted in that time. Actually the followin

Sales and Features

It’s beeen a bit quiet on the Bub of late but my local Gallery Cafe has just sold two large framed prints of…


and Lifeblood

and in the past two weeks I’ve had 9 pics featured in groups 17 times:

Opal and Pearl featured in the Love of Eerie and Enchanting Artwork

The Thrall featured in the Love of Eerie and Enchanting Artwork, Natural Colour and Light, Sea, Your Magic Place

Light Arch
featured in Natural Colour and Light and Style Class Elegance Excellence, and The Shire

The Raging Stillness – Startrails V featured in Natural Colour and Light, Style Class Elegance Excellence, and The Shire

When You Wish Upon a Star featured in The Waist Up Portrature Photography

Streaming to the Dawn featured in Style Class Elegance Excellence

Web Designer featured in The Beauty of the Body

Web De

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait