True Love?

He held her tightly in his arms almost afraid to let go, they both knew this could be the last time. The end of a “friendship” of a special uniting of their hearts. But the real world was catching up with their stolen moments. Maybe they had been wrong to think this could lead to more but the pleasure of each moment together was worth whatever price had to be paid later. And later was now. She slowly pulled away pressing her warm soft lips to his, years ago she had promised to love another but true love can always find a way. The pictures in her mind of each special memory played like a slow motion movie. Her heart was breaking and she knew his was too. But hanging over them like a dark storm cloud was another heart also breaking. How could there be any happiness when there was so much sadness.
The lies the secrets had become too hard to continue. He knew this but still held out hope, hope that this one person who meant so much would not disappear from his life. He had been willing and able to keep the pretense of another love and life, but his soul knew no one could replace his true love. They dared not let the moment go on, the desire each felt could suddenly race out of control and more lies would have to be told. So reluctantly they separated, the physical pain they felt lingered as each dealt with their final parting. She flashed him that “world class smile” one last time as he bid his fair princess goodbye.
Back to the drudgery of “home’ of a job and waiting responsibilities. Thank goodness his fantasies could take him away and fill the needs in his heart.
“Home” wasn’t too bad most the time. There was sometimes ok sex and even a laugh or two. And his son was always a joy and source of pride, now that he was on his own and becoming a man.
Maybe you could love two people. The love is different, one solid and fulfilling the other not quite what you had hoped but not really “bad” either. How often he had wondered about his choices. What ifs filled his mind along with the guilt. One was a true love one a legal partner but his mind swam with indecision. Yes each had their place in his heart and now neither could be happy with only a part of what should be given.
Does the means ever justify the end? What price was he willing to pay to keep both in his life?

When they first met it wasn’t love at first sight. But it was a mutual attraction. He had joined the Navy to see the world and to get away. She was fun and beautiful and made him want to protect and love her. But there was a secret, he had a problem. Drugs had become a big part of who and what he was. Her mother objected and a budding love was cut short way too soon. He moved on with his life and she met another and married. Unfortunately she had met someone who felt a real man is one who controls your every thought and desire. And so her days were spent dreaming and hoping for a lost love.
He also met and married. But the drug habit took its toll. Job followed job and move followed move until a chance encounter lead to rehab. He was free at last of the demon that had ended his long ago love. Now he was able to pursue that love. But what about the vows he had taken, no, true love is all that matters.
They had kept in touch and now was the time to continue and have that happy ever after they deserved. There was just a slight problem, his other love. Maybe he had made a mistake, so let’s start over and see if it can work this time.
But the old love was not happy and waited patiently.
Soon they were in contact again because true love never really dies.
Secret meetings and letters went on for years. There were sometimes months or years between but always a cord that binds.
Now once more there is desire and longing. Maybe it’s time to face the fact that they do belong together. Why else would it be so hard to say goodbye.
They aren’t “Really” hurting anyone, after all it never went “TOO” far.
But how do you measure what is too far.? Is it a glance a memory or an unrequited desire?
Isn’t it better to cause temporary pain then to live a lie? A broken heart can mend and true love unfulfilled can never die. Tears can never wash away the pain and another love can never fill the emptiness. So they live in a void never quite able to feel truly happy but hope stays alive and a flame of love burns in their hearts.

True Love?


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