An extrodinary visit and prediction from my Mum.

This has been such a strange and draining weekend, but one that I thought I would share with you all.

My brother Justin is fighting cancer which was diagnosed in October last year. His health had deteriorated over the week and he was in considerable pain so he was admitted to hospital for tests. By Saturday night his condition had improved and he was moved back into the ward. I had tickets to the Leonard Cohen concert for a day on the Green for the Monday, the Australia Day holiday. I was wondering if maybe I shouldn’t go if my brother was so ill. On the Sunday evening we went to a friends place for a BBQ and stayed the night, I was worried about my brother and was pretty quiet over the night. Hubby and I stayed the night there and went to bed quite late.

As soon as I closed my eyes something strange happened. Suddenly my mother appeared and sat on the bed next to me, I remember listening and could hear hubby snoring. My mother touched my face and told me she was with my brother Justin and not to worry as she would be there with him during his operation. This confused me because we hadn’t been informed of any kind of operation, in fact they had ruled it out because they thought it was too dangerous. She then continued and while stroking my arm told me not to worry and to go to the concert and enjoy it and that she would be there with me, (Leonard Cohen was my mums favourite artist), she then said, after the concert Ill be with Justin and take him home on Wednesday morning. She then bent over kissed y cheek and told me to be strong, then was gone. I immediately opened my eyes and woke hubby telling him what I had just dreamed, or whatever it was.

The next morning I told my hubby again about the dream and on the way home my sister called me to tell me that the Drs had decided to operate on my brother after all with key hole surgery and he was going into theater in about an hours time. I was amazed and told my sister about my dream and what Mum had said in it. She wondered if maybe it was in fact Mum and not a dream at all.

It was such a hot day , I was concerned because it was in a vineyard, we would have to sit in the heat all day and with the crowds the whole thing would end up being too stressful, but we decided to go to the concert anyway. Our friends suggested as the concert didn’t start till 4.30pm that we should try to find a cafe to have lunch at. While we were deciding what to do a friend rang me who was going to the concert and was at a cafe near there, she said the place was booked out. We rang a few places but they were also all booked out and couldn’t fit us in. I then said Mum find us a seat in a cafe please, to my friends laughter of course. We were just about to give up when my friend rang back and said, we got moved and have saved you a five seats under a tree. That was a relief, so we went there and spent the afternoon under the tree until it was time to leave for the vineyard. We drove there and started looking for a park, the closest we could find was about 2 kms away, it as over 42C (105f) by this time and the thought of such a long walk in that searing heat was awful. I said to hubby no turn around and go in the other direction, so we all got back in the car and drove off back towards the vineyard where the concert was being held, again I said, ‘Mum find us a good park please". There were thousands of people around , queing to get into the place, all the eareas near the vineyard had no parking signs erected. We drove past the main gates when suddenly we saw a space, we looked but there were no signs saying no parking, so we parked the car and prepared ourselves for the long queue we had just seen at the gates. But as we got out we saw a small sign that said entery, it was along a different road then the main gates, so we thought lets give it a try, and lo and behold we walked straight in, no queuing needed. Once we got in we saw that there wasnt a tree in sight and that most of the area was filled with people in chairs they had bought, and it was packed. There was no way we were going to sit in the searing heat for three hours until he came on, so we found some shade near one of the buildings behind all the food tents and relaxed. At 7.30pm Leonard Cohen came on, it was still over 100degrees but we decided we would now go join the crowd, knowing finding anywhere other then way up the back would be impossible. Again I asked Mum to find us a good spot and we wandered of towards the crowd, thru the walkway until eventually we came to the front of the section between general and gold, which was fenced off. My girlfriend and I laid out a rug and sat down, the boys followed soon after. I looked around then realised that not were we in the only shade there was from the sound guys scaffolding but we were in the front row of the general area, directly centered in front of the stage. There were two security guards there who moved anyone on that stood in the walk way directly in front of us, so we had an uninterrupted view, and for general they were the best seats in the house. During the concert he sang Marianne, my Mums favourite song, suddenly I felt something brush across my face and became aware of a strong perfume, it took a few seconds before i recognised it as ’JeRevienne’, Mums perfume and I could feel her presence all around me. I mentioned it to hubby and he too could smell her perfume. The feeling was so strong that I ended up in tears, happy tears. The concert was great and we couldn’t have had everything go more smoothly if we had tried. Because of where we were parked we missed all the traffic leaving the place. We all felt that Mum had intervened all thru the day and given us a stress free day.

The next day (Tuesday) I got a phone call from my sister saying Justin was not well and to get into the hospital. When I got there he didn’t look that bad, his colour seemed good and he was awake. My sister asked me again about my dream and I told her that Mum had said she was taking him home Wednesday morning. So, just incase, we stayed by his side all day and night and fell asleep in our chairs about 6am. We were woken by one of his kids calling out, as we got out of our chairs and ran to his bed he took his last breath. My sister looked at me and said, My god she was there, she took him home.

My brother Justin passed away on Wednesday morning at 7.20am.

It seemed after all that it wasn’t a dream I had on Sunday, but was actually my mother letting me know he would be alright and she would take him home.

I hate that he has gone, and I hate that his children, his wife and his siblings have been robbed of him, but I am glad to know that now he is out of pain and finally with Mum and dad, and probably for the first time in his life getting their undivided attention., as being a middle child within a family of eleven, getting their attention wasn’t easy.

We are mourning his passing, but I have to say the words given to me by Mum, which everyone in the family knew about have somehow made it a little easier for us all to bear.

Rest In Peace my darling brother, You will be forever in our hearts.

An extrodinary visit and prediction from my Mum.


Magill, Australia

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