2 sales!

I am very excited to report I have just sold these! Many thanks to Anita who bought them for her hallway. It is so encouraging when people enjoy your work enough to hang it up at their home!


Hi to anyone watching on my watchlist. Sorry my site makes for a fairly boring watchlist because I haven’t uploaded much for ages. I am working on 2 sculptures but I dont think they will be all that photograph worthy if I ever get around to finishing them. THanks for putting me on your watchlist anyway and one day I will get around to putting something onto watch.

sold 2 matted prints!

I am very excited to have sold these 2 matted prints. Thanks for buying them and I hope they bring you joy!

Seaboy is on the website PIMT UK, (painters in modern times UK). This is a link from the Painters in Modern Times group here on RB. It is in the illustration gallery because I think he has a story.
unfortunately I am not technogically advanced enough to add the link here!

lily print

today I dug out one of my old lino prints (Hand coloured in gouache). it was originally a 30cmx30cm square with a black border. this was as much as I could fit on the scanner but I quite like the crop and scanning is much easier than photography!


Just uploaded one of my recent paintings. I did this one for the small works exhibition in Melbourne. It is only small, less than A4. It is different to my usual style and i am happy how it turned out. There seem to be so many cool galleries in Melbourne. It was a big rush to get the work finished and sent off (unframed). I read about the exhibition here on RB.

Negative space tee

I have been playing around with the pen tool to make vector shapes and today I made this tee, it took me ages to get it how I wanted it! I made up this quote myself and I like it! I even checked on the internet to see if anyone else has already said it but I think it is just me. so it is my quote, genevieve m.
Let me know what you think, I’d love to know what others think of the way I have displayed it. Does anyone know if red writing will successfully print on dark colours?

added image to profile page!

Just learnt how to add one of my images to my profile page from Jo O’Brien’s video! so cool! Now Seaboy is framed on my profile page , before he was way back on page 2 swept away by a sea of vectors!
Yesterday learnt how to add group logo!
Technology is so much more fun when you can use it.

Big Thankyou!

Thankyou to whoever bought a laminated print of Seaboy and Seaboy Rowing. I hope you like them. Seaboy will always be my personal favourite I think.

Drat missed it!

I missed Seaboy on the homepage! It was on 19 hours ago but I wasnt on the computer during that time. A strange cooincidence. Anyway thankyou so much to everyone who wrote comments congratulating me for being on the homepage and thus letting me know!


Just chatting to Carmen. Does anyone else get sore eyes from working on this addictive machine? Any remedies out there? Does anyone put anything on the screen to make it less glary? should I post this in the forum?

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