Well that didnt work!!!

Tried a Half price on mark up sale tested it for 24 hours and well the results are in…

95 people viewed my art in 24hrs
24 people viewed clothes

17 comments (thanks you all for your words)
2 watchlists (thanks for your Interest in my future works)
4 favourites (thanks for choosing it as a favourite)


Thanks so much

Sales (Yeah the one we’re curious in)

A big ZERO ZIP ZILCH Nadda, nothing, not a bean

Guess price is’nt the thing holding the people back.

It must be the work

Still i like the sense that i can be active and involved in the process

Thanks for your patience with the SALE tag. Its now gone..I knew it was crass and commercial but Im guessing that sales are as important to redbubble as to the community and as they say you need to speculate to accumulate.

Will keep the prices as they are as it doesn’t seem to matter a 100% of nothing is well nothing

(but the comments are always welcome and truly appreciated)

Thanks everyone for their patience

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