Patrons collectors fashionista's and fans

Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege and often financial aid given by a person or an organization to artists. It was the person who gave their finances to promote the work and beauty of the artisans around them. The reward was to possess works of rare quality that touched the soul and mind. Works that truly enhanced a persons reason for being and delighted the community around it.

Redbubble needs patrons. Those who appreciate the act of creativity by possessing its forms. By taking that special pride in knowing that they hold an honoured place in the community for their love and support of the arts and its artisans.

It needs collectors. Those people with a canny eye for the future and buy artwork that will be valued for the legacy it leaves now and ito the future. They are the ones who will make this world of art and light and colour and literature and poetry a world that touches all our lives.

It needs fashionistas who see the next great idea in wearable art and display it with pride on their body.

It need fans. Those who really want to be closer to the process that is creativity by possessing it. You’ve heard the music now by the T shirt

Red bubble is the medium but we are the message. Hope we spread the word.

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  • Faizan Qureshi