Sightless - Story

A dream. It must be. She is just dreaming…
She frowns, her brow wrinkling in confusion as she stares at him, eyes, suspicious and anxious. They take in his stature, the curve of his spine, the tilt of his head. His arms, where they rest motionless by his sides, seem limp, fingers half curled.

Moving slowly, she sits up, warm blankets falling to her middle, surrounding her waist in ripples of white. Swallowing she opens her mouth to speak, words dying on her lips as she stiffens in unconscious fear, her back straightening as shivers climb her spine, raising the hair on the back of her neck and increasing her heartbeat. This is wrong, all wrong, her brain screams at her. Buried instinct telling her to run.

She remains still and they share the silence. Both inert. Both still.

After a moment she lifts her hand, her thin, lean fingers taking hold of a stray curl of dark hair, sliding it behind her ear. Again she tries to talk, her lips parting, words hanging, invisible, upon her tongue.

Is he really there? Standing naked in the corner of her room with his back to her? Or is it just a trick of the light? Her mind clouded, caught between awareness and slumber.

Slowly, she speaks, her tone measured and tender, gaze perplexed. Bewildered. “Steve? Is that you? How come you’re back so early?”

He does not move. Does not even flinch. Does not register her at all. Remains immobile, not moving, not talking… hardly breathing.

“Steve? What are you doing back? Is everything…?” She turns, pushing the sheets aside and sliding from the mattress, bare feet sinking into the sheep skin rug beside the bed. Stepping towards him she wrings her shaking hands together. “Steve, answer me. Are you…are you alright?” She gets no response. No progress. He is deaf to her words.

Straining her gaze she looks him over carefully, shuffling her toes into the rug nervously. Her eyes travel along his spine again, over his shoulders, his skin insipid and smooth, the moonlight illuminting it brightly. His flesh suddenly seems to bubble as she blinks. His form fading in and out of focus. Like static, his flesh flickers, becoming saturated and negative.

Dread swarms up her back, crawling like spiders through her nerves, causing a violent shudder. “Steve?” Her voice cracks as she continues to move closer, outstretching one hand toward him. Wanting to touch. To get a reaction. To know if he is there. If he is real.

Her fingers, barely an inch away from him now, tremble. “S-Steve? You’re scaring me. Say something…please…” She looks up, taking in his mussed pale-blonde hair. “Please…”

This time, he hears her. His back going rigid and a deep, throaty groan of agony rumbling from him, shaking his form and echoing around the room.

She jerks her foot back a step, fingers recoling away from him. “S-Steve…are you…are you al-alright?”

Gradually, he moves, his bare feet brushing over the carpet as he revolves around to face her.

The gasp she emits is loud and shuddering in the space between them. Her eyes widening, she rapdily withdraws her hand, pressing it against her chest. Her heart thudding against her palm and throbbing in her head. “Oh God…Steve…what…what happened?!” Her voice is trembling fiercly now, panic and fear building.

His chest, now bathed in the moonlight from her window, is covered in blood. A dripping mess of crimson. She tracks the dark droplets, watching them glide down his quivering abdomen, over his hips, dropping and sinking into the carpet at his feet.

The same tormented groan repeats callously in his throat as his head lifts, tilting in her direction, his blonde hair falling diagonally across his forehead. The tips are stained ruby.

In a rush, she scrambles backwards, her hands covering her mouth as nausea spreads up her throat. “Oh…God.” Her eyes, wide with fear, take in his expression, the features, the blood… “Your eyes…where are your eyes?!” She screams, her feet scrabbling for purchase. Body shaking.

Empty eyesockets cry red. Rivers of horror running sickly down sunken cheeks, falling off a clenched jaw and landing upon his torso.

She falls back, hitting her backbone in the process, the pain shooting up her spine and rendering her breathless. Leaving her body frozen. She looks up at him, her eyes still open, still wide and round with terror.

He abruptly flashes, body distorting, head twitching, bones cracking, neck snapping, blood flooding. He lounges at her, both arms lifting, fingers uncurling as he grasps her arms, skeletal, creaking fingers pressing into her supple flesh.

He is cold, skin like ice, sending a new wave of dread right through her. The musky scent of him burns the back of her throat as she inhales, the smell is death. Rotten flesh and decay.

She screechs, slamming her hands into his shoulders, feeling them break beneath her fingers. Brittle bones crumbling into nothing. Skin melting down her arms.

“Get off!! Get off of me!!” Her hands shift, pull away and land on his ribcage, fingers puncturing. Digging into inner tissue and organs. His face is so close to hers. Too close. Internal flesh dripping onto her from open caverns. Dry, delicate hair tickling her brow.

“No!! Get off! Leave me alone!” She sobs hysterically.

His jaw twitches, crunching, lips parting, showing blood stained teeth. A mouth full of thick, dark liquid. He screams. The sound deafening, blood spurting and pouring upon her, drowning her. Sinking against her. Blood, flesh, bone.

Turning her head to the side, she heaves and coughs, screwing her eyes shut. But as soon as she does, the screaming stops. The feel and weight of him goes. The smell dissipates.

Her eyes shoot open in astonishment, her breathing erratic as she looks about. She is alone. Lying on her floor, hands clutching the air.

He is gone.

A sob retcheds free from her throat and she curls in on herself, turning on her side, tears streaming along her face. “Oh God, oh God, oh God…” She begins to quaver. “Steve…”

Sightless - Story

Gemma Birks

Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

Ghost story! My first one. Found it on my usb and edited until it seemed good enough to post.
Hope you like

Been updated and edited 30/01/10
Edited 12/07/10



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