Gilbert, United States

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Just purchased a new versions of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. Can’t wait to try it on some of my images. It’s not the latest, but it’ll be a lot better than the CS3 I have.Just purchased a new versions of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. Can’t wait to try it on some of my images. It’s not the latest, but it’ll be a lot better than the CS3 I have.


Just spent some tome on 500px. It takes photography to a whole new level. There are some amazing works on there if you have not checked it out.

Canon 7D firmware upgrade

For all you 7D users there’s a new FW upgrade you can get here

I did it and it updated fine.

Select Operating System
Select OS Version
Click Firmware
Click EOS 7D Firmware Version 2.0.0
Choose I Agree – Begin Download
Then follow the instructions within the download

New RB

I was surprised when I opened RB today to find a drastic change in the way it looks. No more images to scroll across the top (that sucks). There was no warning that I saw this was going to happen. At least let us see it and comment on it before going live. I think this will be the last straw for some people to leave. Of course it’s still free so they can do what they want whenever without our permission per-say. I’m still navigating my way though all the changes.

What do you think?

Canon Picture Styles

Having fun playing with the different picture style options available with my Canon. If you haven’t tried it there are some good videos on them. If you have any tips comment here.


Duchess sick with cancer
An orangutan sick with cancer at the Phoenix Zoo passed today at 52-years-old. I took this picture for her 50th birthday.

Sad to see her go….:(

2x Lens Extender

I bought a 2x lens extender for my 70-300mm canon. It was only about $20. When I put it on my lens and went to focus the shot it would not focus, either auto or manual. I sent it back for a refund.

Any had experience with an extender or had this problem?

Canon 50MM Lens

I tried using my nifty-fifty on my 7D and was not happy with the clarity @ 1.8. I thought this lens was supposed to be spot for producing sharp images. Does anyone has any advise? What am I doing wrong?

New Images

Hey guys. I haven’t posted anything new for awhile because of spending time learning my new Canon 7D. It’s a little more complicated than previous cameras so there is somewhat of a learning curve. Yeah I could do some abstracts or digital art pieces, but that takes all the fun out of doing real photography, which is what I love to do. Being a good photographer means you have to get the shot first. everything else is secondary. So, having said that look for some new work soon and my hope is to post some wow images.…

The video features on the unit are amazing and fun to play with. If you can afford to get one I highly recommend it. If you get the kit it comes with a 28-135 mm IS USM lens. Which is not a bad lens to start out. The focusing system on the 7D has been beefed up from previous mod

Sojie 15


Ducks in the Rough
by George Lenz


   Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition

I am very excited to have my art selected to exhibit in SoJie 15. SoJie 15 takes its name from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 15th one, ever, and 41 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

The theme of the show is celebrating the beauty and nature of birds.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on May 30th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: digital art, photography, and traditional art.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view all of the work nominated. So I hope that you will click the show banner, above, and follow the link to view my fellow exhib

Canon 7D

Got my 7D working. Converting the RAW files is quite different than with my 60D. With the 60D I use Adobe Camera Raw convertor to convert .DNG files for Photoshop. With the 7D you get .CR2 files that have to be converted with the Digital Photo Professional software to be able to open them in CS3. Apparently CS4 and above has this built in. So there is a little learning curve to make the white balance adjustments in Digital Photo Professional before sending them to CS3. Any tips welcomed.

New Camera

Just bought a Canon 7D. Can;t wait for it to arrive to I can try it out. I want to be able to do stills and video. So I’m keeping my 60D.

Abstract Art

Did you ever hear that people either love or hate abstract art? There seems to be no in between. If you hate it maybe it’s because you think it takes no talent to produce an image. Just throw something on the canvas (real or digital) and there it is. Can this really be considered creative?…

In my humble opinion creating abstracts takes creativity and talent to produce a digital image that has the right colors and flow that draws the viewer into the image, just like a well composed photograph would. A lot of the same composition rules still apply. It also take knowledge of how to use various software tools and filters to help produce the final image. For a painter it takes a lot of knowledge about how to use the media being selected for the images, be it acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc.

In my

Comments and Favs

I was wondering your thoughts. Do you think it would be a good idea for RB to change the site so that there would be a button to comment and another button to comment and fav and the same time.

Nifty Fifty Question

Anyone with experience with the 50mm Canon lens, can you help.

I was taking some shots of myself using the 10 second timer on my 60D. Using F/1.8 and 125 ap. My question is. When you press the button to take that shot it focuses before I get in the shot. Does it refocuses when I step into the shot? Seems my face was blurry and the background was in focus. I believe that’s what’s happening, just wanted to be sure. I am getting a remote wireless trigger which should solve that problem.

Staying Here

Quite honestly the only reason I’m staying here (member since 2007) is because I like the quality of the cards I buy to sell at my art shows, to look at your images and participate in challenges when time permits. I mean it’s really dead here! Am I the only one? What happened to the Solo Exhibitions? I do make some income from winning voucher challenges, but that’s occasional.

Even the support is lacking. I had a problem ordering 5×7 cards and apparently was the only one having the problem. I had to open an incident three times before it got handled.

Red Bubble is not getting better. What’s up?

Scott Kelby

I just got Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography books 1 and 2. I wish I would have gotten them 5 years ago when I started this thing. These are like the holy grail of Digital Photography. I have book 3 and the is a book 4. These are packed with valuable information to help you really shot like a pro. I highly recommend the series.

Using Softboxes

Anyone with experience in photography soft boxes can help. I bought a couple of soft boxes with 10-60 watt cfl bulbs. The first time I used them they did not provide enough light and I still had to use a flash. Is it possible to use higher wattage bulbs to fix the problem? If so what wattage would you recommend.

Square Images on FB

I notice that when our images are posted on FB via RB the images are all square and parts of the images are cut out. That look like a recent change. What do you think?

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait