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Out of Touch


I’ll be out of touch for 5 days starting tomorrow. I’m not bringing my laptop. So, I’ll talk to you on the 22nd. Going to spend some quality time with family.

thx for all your support.


Commission Job

I got my first commission job today to do a fancy car image for a fellow artist friend of mine who makes jewelery. Her son has a Corvette that she want’s made up for a Christmas present. I’m so thrilled, just had to share!


Windows Vista - Update 2

Well… my Vista migration is complete…so far so good….I bit the bullet and purchased CS3 on Ebay for a reduced price…probably be a couple weeks before I get it installed….in the meantime I can still use my laptop for any Photoshop work.

I love my new computer with 4gb RAM 640gb HD and a nice 22" wide screen monitor…life is good….:-)

Hope all is well with you all …big show tomorrow, so wish me luck …


Windows Vista - Update

Well… I have vista installed and running… all is good so far…my biggest issue so far is that I can’t activate my CS2 software on the new computer because it’s already activated on my laptop and Adobe cannot provide a transfer authorization, because ot was already transferred once. Don’t know if there is a way around that… if not I’ll need to buy Photoshop again…. )-: ….

btw.. that’s why I’ve bee so quite lately, plus I have 3 shows this week and next week,,,,hope all is well with you guys…. Did Marlo have her baby yet?

btw.. that’s why I’ve bee so quite lately, plus I have 3 shows this week and next week,,,,hope all is well with you guys…. Did Marlo have her baby yet?G>

Happy Thankgiving!

Hi Guys;

Just wanted to take a moment and wish everybody who celebrates it, to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. December is expected to be a very busy month for me between lots of art shows and family gatherings. So, I plan to enjoy the day as well.

Stay safe, don’t eat too much (lol), and just enjoy!


p.s. Give thanks for what you have and you’ll feel better when you don’t worry about what you don’t have….Cheers..:-)

Art Show

This is me at a recent art show with my booth all set up.

I have a bunch of shows set up for the season intil the end of the year, so wish me luck!


Great Artist


I want to introduce to an awesome artist who has inspired a lot of my ideas. If you don’t already know her work, you must add her to your list.


Business Started - Epilogue

Here’s the thread to my Last Journal

I am in awe at your words of encouragement, and best wishes. They are uplifting and help give me a sense of confidence to move forward. Even tomorrow I was invited to attend an art show that I had not expected. It’s an all day event with lots of people expected to participate and potential customers. There is sort of a western theme, so I’m bringing some of my best horse images. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Again I am humbled by my friends here on the Bubble. Best to all of you as well, and remember keep having fun!..

Cheers..gemlenz (your gem and dream weaver)…:-)

Buisness Started

Well, everyone, it’s official. Yesterday I officially started my photography business. Lenz Photo Shop is the name I go by, with back account, credit/debit card. and funded by…well…me….:-)…

I have at least 7 art shows lined up the next month, along with gallery showings, event shoots and artist receptions. My hope is these events will help jump start my business. In these hard economic times it will be a challenge, I’m sure.

As most of you know, for the past year this has been a passion and hobby for me. Now, I’m out there, as it were. Wish me the best. You’re encouragement and feedback has played a vital role in this decision process, and I appreciate that. I’ll still be on the Bubble, however, the majority of my time will be spent promoting my business.

Believe me, I’d much rather be beh

Future Art

I’m still trying to get my portfolio smaller, and keep it containing only my best based on your input. So, I’m going to start leaving my art up for about two weeks after posting. The responses will determine how long it stays. Everything will be on my Website but only my best will be here.

At this point only commercially viable entries will remain. Occasionally, I will post fun stuff just to keep it interesting for Bubble Jepordy, Challenges and the like, but for the most part my art here will be my best. Over time this will help be become a better artist, because you will see what you like, not what I like always. You are the ones that help me raise the bar to a higher standard. That’s one reason to be here, friends.


Images Removed

I’ve reduced my portfolio down to 7 pages… and still working on it…something you have to do every now and again…If you notice something is gone and want it, I can bring it back, just for you…:-)

What Is It - Solved

What Is It? solved by the following folks….

John Evans guessed what was in the juice

Kim Davitt guessed that it was a reflection of light through a glass on a table…so she gets some credit too…

Trevor Patterson guessed that it was a wooden table top with the light shining through something like a glass of water or vase…so he gets some credit too..

So, I took the shot this morning when I went to sit down and have my breakfast, and my usual glass of apple juice was reflected in the sunlight coming through the glass.

thx for playing…..that was fun…

What is it? Alien Fingers-24

got the right answer.
She said “Is it a created design that you enhanced with Fractalius art?”

It is a pattern that I repeated many times, used glass effect, Factalius, Jama 3D, twirl, and Virtual Photographer.

Here’s the original image

New Group

Hi All;
We have a new group called Digital Art Compilations, or DAC. Along with spiritnme (Cynthia) we are your hosts and look forward to having you join. There is a lot of talent out there that we are looking forward to coming out even more. So, the main premise of the group is that when you post your images share techniques/processes of how you did it. Most of you know that I do that with my posts. The intent is to help other artists become familiar with those techniques so they too can better utilize the tools that are available, and have more fun. So, please accept our invitation as we welcome you to the DAC Group. Tell your friends too!…

Group Guidelines:
1. Limit of 10 images per member
2. Limit 2 images per day; per member*>>>PLEASE PLAY NICE<<<*

1. Post art which relates to

What Are We?

We have a winner!

figured it out. These are glass beads that my wife uses to put in flower vases, colorized and twirled in photoshop.

What Are We? are now What We Are.

thx for playing…


I sure like group challenges, just like the next guy, however they are getting to be a lot of work, especially if you want to participate. The voting process is kinda bias too, in that you can only see one image at a time (I think RB is changing that, though). I mean who wants to go through 189 images before you vote. Can you even remember which one you really liked.…

So, in that sense people end up voting for one of the latest, maybe 10-20 entries, without even looking at the rest, which is not really fair to the other artists. The challenges I entered at the last minute have done better for me than the ones I entered when they first open.

One solution, until it’s changed, may be to print a thumbnail of the ones you like as they are entered, before voting. That way you can see more at one

Your Dreams Can Come True

Hi all…

I’ve been kinda remiss in commenting lately and apologize for that. So, I’d like to do something for you. If you have a dream that you’d like me to create an image for, send me a bmail with the details and I’ll work on it, just for you.


KC Leaving

As most of you know KC is leaving RB at the end of the month. She is one of the best artists I’ve seen here, and she will be missed. Kellie is also a nice person and a good friend. If you have not seen her work, do so soon. Also, I’m sure she’d love to hear from you before she’s gone.

What Is It?

The other image you were guessing on Daisy was a cut out of a daisy that I created 12 different size layers and placed them all on top of each other on a colorful background and gave them all different treatments and colors. Then I distorted them to achieve the final effects.

thx for playing…


globalphotos figured out what my last post was…..Feathers image taken from an owl I took this summer. I cropped the image in real close and use various Photoshop treatments to ge the final effects.

thx for playing…:-)


I guess one way to look at the price of the calendars is that for $19.00+ you can have 12 images from an artist that you can frame. Even if you just bought a card it would cost you around $40+ for 12 images that are smaller. So, calendars are a good cost effective way to get some of your favs in print and get a really nice calendar to-boot. I have a 2008 calendar and the quality is awesome. How can you beat that?

Blue Flower Challenge

I thought there was a Blue Flower challenge out ther. Now I can’t find it. Does anybody know what group it’s. I wish group leaders would label the challenges with a specific tag about what is is, instead of general tags like “Avatar of the Month”. When you go through the challenges in the overview the way it’s laid out, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

Size Matters - Follow up

per RB…..We prefer you to upload your files at the largest pixel dimensions possible for you (under 10,000 pixels on the larger side). DPI does not matter as it is a measure used by the printers to calculate your pixels by the dots that are printed. Uploading your largest dimension images allows us to sell products at various sizes (small, medium, large at the moment) however we do not do any cropping in a print. You may see some in cards because we have to fit them in the template but nothing else is cropped.

Size Matters

Made you look…lol…:-)…

Anyhow, I’ve started to size my postings to 3500×2744. This allows me to get the image framed in an 11×14 or 16×20 without additional cropping and loss of image. That’s especially handy with these abstracts and graphical images.

When the image comes out of my Canon XTi, the images are 3888×2792. This will require lots of cropping to fit these size frames, unless you select an odd size like say 8×12. The problem with that is if you mat an 8×12 print into an 11×14 frame the mat will not be evenly distributed on all sides. If you have a custom mat made, you’ll still loose part of the image, unless you do further cropping. This is not a desirable product to sell. Not sure how RB deals with these sizes, but from what I’m doing with my stuff, the odd sizes have been prob

Watch List Issues - Part Three

Support said the Watch List issue was fixed and they don’t know when it started. I know Maddy is having other problems, that I am not aware of. On Thursday they usually make major changes, so we’ll see what happens. They need to do better testing before rolling out changes.

New Posts


I will not be posting anything new until I know the Watch List issue has been solved. I sent a note to support asking for information. If I hear anything. I’ll let you know.

My “Fingers” will have to rest for now… they need it anyway…lol

Watch List Issues

Well.. I guess I don’t know if mine are getting to all my watch list… I know some are responding… Anyhow here’s my last several entries it you missed them…. That sucks…

Well.. I guess I don’t know if mine are getting to all my watch list… I know some are responding… Anyhow here’s my last several entries it you missed them…. That sucks…Pretty Pink Daisy
Just Resting
Hot Blue
peaceful Waters Flow
Blue Waters
Car Vortex
Alien Fingers-16 – Global Warming

2009 Calendars Now Available!

Hi Guys;…

Here’s you chance to have all 12 Alien Fingers images. Thise who raved about these images can have them all in this awesome calendar.

Alien Fingers

Next you can get this for the man (or women) in your life. A compilation of my favorite car images digitally mastered. You’ve seen these and I know you liked them a lot. This is a must!

Cars Digitally Mastered

And finally here, the best of the best from the Gem based on your input. Now you can have 12 of my best all in one place. This is a deal you can’t pass up!

Best Of The Gem

Get all three, give them to your friends, co-workers, your boss, your mechanic (just kidding), your Mom or Dad. These make great gifts, so order all three now!

p.s. Yes I did use until RB is ready to “really” roll out their calendars.

Hope you like

Saving Images

Hopefully everybody knows you have to save you images twice to make sure they get into the groups your selected. I reported this problem awhile ago, but apparently it has not been fixed yet.


2009 Calendars

So much fro trying to sell 2009 calendars. Apparently there are issues when people try to buy the calendars. Basically the links don’t work.

So, I know you all wanted my HOT calendars, but you’ll have to wait until RB decides to “really” rollout calendars for sure. At that time I’ll reintroduce my selections. Hopefully it will be in time. So, save your pennies…:-)

Cheers… G.

Gallery Showing

Hi Guys;

Well, here it is. I have arrived. My big gallery showing is up and running. Here is how it all looks. You can’t see them real clear, but you’ll recognize the images from my RB gallery. These will be on display for two months and I hope to have lots of sales. Wish me luck.


Looking Back

Hi Guys;…

Everybody knows about the issues with getting people to look at your older entries. Each entry seems like a movie. Everybody looks at it when it first comes out, but after awhile it just fades away like a bunch of bits in cyber-land. These images, like old movies, sit there waiting for somebody to look. Sometimes they do, but mostly they just sit there collecting electronic dust, as it where, while people look at new stuff.

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution. I’ve tried different methods to get people to look at older images, without having to delete and re-post, and have had some success getting more attention to those images. Adding them to other groups sometimes helps. Bottom line is people don’t have time to look at old stuff, let alone the new stuff. So, I guess keeping y


Hi Guys;

I use Firefox and was not able to logon to RB… If you use IE it works fine… I have a note into support for a report…..

Photo Competition

Hi All;

I am participating in a photo competition hosted by, where I can win great CASH PRIZES! In order to increase my chances of winning, I need to have as many people vote for my photos as possible… Please help me win by voting for my photos using the following links:





Registration to is FREE and only takes a few moments. Thank you for voting for my photo and increasing my chances of winning!



OK… Who’s the secret buyer who bought a bunch of cards from me… whoever you are…. thanks you!


Well… not for long… but I made you look, didn’t I (ha ha)…..I’m a teaser…anyhow it’s time to go visit that beautiful grand baby in California… we leave early in the A.M. driving for 6 hours… for a loooong weekend (hey even retired people need a vacation)… so I won’t be on too much until Wednesday next week… so keep the Bubble from bursting… and keep those awesome images coming… I’ll catch up to you soon…. I have to get my beauty sleep now so…..zzzzzzzzzz….good nite….

and remember HAVE FUN!!!!!

your gem…

Bubblesite "Improvement"

Hi all;

Have you noticed your Bubblesite so called improvement yet? The galleries go down the left hand side of the page vertically, not horizontally. It does not look good at all, in my opinion. This is not an improvement!

I sent a note to support and Doc said it changed yesterday. If you don’t like the way it looks, I suggest you let them know.


Group Acceptance Alert

I noticed something interesting on the last 5 postings. After I submitted the image into many groups, only a couple were accepted when I looked at my overview. Then I went in and added another group, saved again and all the other groups showed up in my overview display. This happened 5 times now. I have sent 2 notes to support, with no response. Is anybody else having this problem?

Calling All Bubblers

Hi All;…

I’m looking into starting a new group that would be strictly for Digital Art Compilations. There are groups that have similar postings. This group, however, would be strictly compilations where more than one image is blended into a finished image. For example, you have an image of a horse and a tree and you use photo editing software to blend them into one image. So, no abstract art, or fractals, or “alien fingers”, and the like (lol).

Anyhow, to apply for a new group Red Bubble recommends at least one co-host to help with the administration of it. Two co-hosts would be ideal. I know there are a lot of you who are very good at this technique who are on my watch list. That’s one of the reasons you’re on my list. Any of you would be great for this group. This is an area that really

New Bubble Artirst

Hi Guys;

I like to introduce you to Sue Cullumber She is a friend of mine and local photographer here in Arizona. Check her site. She has amazing work and you won’t be disappointed. Please help support our community, by adding her to your watch list…


Less Of Me

Hi Everybody……

My plans are to put more time and effort (and funds) into pursuing local art galleries and art shows in an effort to boost sales now that I have a decent portfolio to present. It’s taken a year, however, now is the time to branch out with my art. Having said that, you will not see a much of me here posting, or commenting.

This past year has been one of growth, in terms of what I’ve learned about how to be successful in this trade. Your support has contributed greatly to that growth, and I cannot emphasize more my deep appreciation for that support. I cherish the virtual friendships that have blossomed over the past year. I still have a lot to learn as I venture out from the virtual world into the real world.

So, I may not be a very active part of our community, but I am stil

Alien Shoes

Marlo gave me this idea…. Alien Fingers slip ons for all you ladies will be available soon on My Zazzle

… save your pennies ladies … you know you want these fingers on your feet ..:-)

thx…marlo for the idea!


Hi Guys…

Is it me, or is it taking a long time for some groups to accept your art? You group hosts, what’s up?


Digital Artistry Book - Update

I received my book from Blurb and am very impressed with the quality and the look of the images. They did an amazing job, I’m only sorry I didn’t get a bigger book with more in it. Well, if this one sells, maybe next time. If your thinking about doing it, I highly recommend them.

Go Here to preview and purchase, and by all means, your comments are appreciated.


About Featured Artists

As most of you know, each week I give mention to artists I have added to my watch list during the week. Well, this week there were so many fine artists to feature. It seems each week more and more fine artists are joining RB, or, in a lot of cases, I am just discovering them. The primary way I do this is to go to the groups and see who’s featured there, or recently submitted work. Also, I like to see who in my list is watching who. Anyway, you probably do that too. I’m sure there are many more still to discover.…

We have to take the time to seek out new artists to watch, and let others know. That’s how communities grow and prosper. True, it is time consuming and we’re not all retired lie me, with nothing to do (lol). Take a few minutes during the week and find one new artist that you like,

Home Page

Well, I certainly raised a ruckus over the Home page issue. Hopefully we can put this behind us, as bad as it was, because there is a greater good here. We are a community of artist and this is a venue where we can meet, share, complain, learn, be rejected, be accepted, be sad, have joy, have sorrow, give support, express ourselves, etc. Let’s please continue in that vein.…

Sure, we can sell stuff and make a few bucks. Are you really here to make a living? Or are you here for the above reasons. You really need to ask yourself that question.

They did change the Home Page, of course, and now it’s full of fruit. Well what if I don’t like fruit (just kidding). That’s the whole point. A newbie might say this is a food site and move on. Is that what WE want. Well that might be over kill. :-)

I a

Digital Artistry Book

Hi Guys;

I’ve been a little busy the past few days getting my first Blurb book ready for publication. Well, it’s finally ready for your review and purchase now! It has some of my most popular digital images, based on your responses, and sales. Now you can have many of the images you like all in one place to view for a lifetime. My book also makes a great gift for someone special, or display it on your coffee table, or desk.

Sure, you can publish your own book, just like I did, but it won’t have any of these images in it. These are custom digital images computer generated, software manipulated and digitally rendered and mastered for your enjoyment.

Go Here to preview and purchase, and by all means, your comments are appreciated.

Enjoy. G.


Hi Guys;

Looking at for creating a book. Would like to hear comments on your experiences. Do you sell the book online, or in stores, or how?


The art of digital art

Is digital art, art or photography? That is the question that came up for me in a recent photography contest. I submitted an image that had been digitally enhanced with Photoshop, and was told that they were looking for pure photography. After all, it was a “photography” contest. The image I submitted is one you’ve seen here on Red Bubble and, based on your input, quite popular. The original photograph was good out of the camera. With a little balancing the image was acceptable, and got good reviews.…

One must decide what they want to do with their art, in my mind. Are you interested in selling it? Or do you just want people to see your photos, and comment on them? Both avenues are fine, and I have no problem with them, or any other reason, for that matter, that people post images online.

Offsite Sale

Hi guys;…

I don’t usually like to brag about sales, but I have to say, this was a good day. One of my pieces sold from a local gallery at a very handsome price, and I didn’t have to share it with RB. This has been one of my goals this year, to sell my own framed prints from a gallery. I hope this is the start of a new trend. It’s expensive to get these ready for sale, but you can turn a handsome profit when your art sells. I guess the old adage, “It takes money, to make money”, holds true. Well, maybe a little luck too…lol…

I mention this for those who may be disappointed about sales. It takes time, and you have to persist, and stay focused on what you want to accomplish with your art. Continue to strive to produce eye pleasing artwork, and you’ll see. It will happen.

Anyhow, this is the o


Hi Guys;

Some of you may be wondering how my wife did with her knee surgery. Well here’s an update.

She’s doing fine. Her recovery has come along very well. She should be able to drive next week. Her physical therapy has been difficult, and she still has another week of that. But all in all it’s been a long 6 weeks, and we are getting through it. The surgery went very well, by the way.

Cheers. G.

Featured Artists

Hi Guys;

Here’s the recent artists added to my watch list. They are awesome, so check them out.

Recent Additions To My Watch List – Featured



Well, thanks to everybody who played the game. SharonD , got the right answer.

Colors of Summer is what I used to create Curves
It’s the ever popular pool noodles, only I cropped them in closer and played with the twirling and distorting, and used fractalius for the hairy effect.

Now, wasn’t that fun? Thanks for playing.


Featured Artists

I decided to change who I feature, by showing you who I’ve added to my watch list recently. You probably have seem these folks, but if not, check them out now. They have amazing art.

Recent Additions To My Watch List – Featured

Colors Of Summer

Well, I guess I made it to easy for you guys. Some of you figured out they were pool noddles. Others had some amazing guesses though. Nice job!

Colors Of Summer

I’ll have to make it harder next time. you guys are too good…lol..

Cheers. G.

Name Change

Hi All;

Just in case anybody was wondering, you can see my full name now in my profile and on my images when they are printed. You can still call be gemlenz, or gemmy, or gem. or whatever, just don’t call me Sue…lol

Email Thumbnails

Hi Guys;

I really like the thumbnails they now put at the bottom of our Bmails, now, But I sent this note to support regarding that:

It would be nice when you click on an image that show in the Email banner for someone that it would take you to the actual image, rather then their profile. By the time you get to the profile, you have to search for the image you really wanted to look at, and possibly buy, and that’s too time consuming for my customers. They will loose interest and move on, and perhaps loose a sale. That hurts both of us. Please work on improving that process, and it will result in improved sales, I’m sure.

If you agree, send them a note requesting the change. To me it makes perfect sense, but that’s just me.

Cheers. G.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s. Make sure you hug them a lot today. They need you—really. There’s nothing like a Father’s love.

Cheers. G.


For al you Zazzlites:…

Here is the steps to add your work and a buy at redbubble banner to zazzle…

You will first need to open both sites up Zazzle and Redbubble

On Zazzle you will need to Sign In

Go to my zazzle

then to manange my gallery

then to edit your appearance

In the top left click on Basic Information

Now shrink this down but do not close

Now go to Redbubble

Go to My bubble

then go to the right side where you will see Promote click on that

then go to where you see the A Lovely Flash Widget Thing!

copy that code in the box by left clicking right click left click on copy

now pull zazzle back up

and in the desciption box

right click, left click and paste and save

Your not finished!!!

Shrink zazzle back down but do not close

Go back to Redbubble where you just left

and do the same thi


Hi All;…

For some of us there are fond memories of our Dad’s, and for others it’s something we’d rather forget. Each is rather sad, in a way, because there are only memories.

Some have the privilege of having Dad around on Father’s Day, and plan to spend some time with him. What an honor that is. Cherish each time you can so that.

My Dad, and my Wife’s Dad, passed on many years ago and we both still miss them, because, for each of us, our Dad’s were there for us and provided guidance and love that is so needed in those formative years.

Dad’s, you too have a responsibility, a mission, if you will to be that for your children. I know for some I’m preaching to the choir, but for others, maybe you need to hear it – again.

Anyhow Father’s Day is coming up, as you know. If you can, do something

Check In

Hi All;

Not to bug you, cause you have your own stuff going on, but an update on my wife.

She is doing well. She was walking today, would you believe. Just small steps, but it’s unbelievable what they can do these days. I spent the day in the hospital with her, and I get to do it all over again tomorrow.. She comes home on Thursday.

Hopefully next week I can catch up.


Check In

Hi All;

My wife’s surgery went great she is in her room and doing well… now we need to pray for speedy recovery….

I got my digital frame put up in the local coffee shop… and I never got so many ohhh and ahhs on my work. Hopefully sales will follow…

thx for your understanding….

Cheers. G.

Check In

Hi All;…

I’ve been kind of quite lately. Had stomach flu for the pat week (yuck), so didn’t want to do much if anything. My wife is having her knee surgery tomorrow, so it’s a little stressed around the Lenz household. Had to get our Trust docs up to date before her surgery, so all her legal medical papers are in order. Had to get several pieces ready for display, and sale, in local coffee pub (wish me luck). I’m displaying three framed pieces – Cabo Surf, Always And Forever, and End Of Day.

The other thing I did was to purchase a digital frame to load up some of my art. The coffee shop is letting me set it up so my work be show on a continuous slide show for the next month. Hopefully it will generate some revenue.

I know you’ve been busy posting work, and it’s my loss that I’m missing it


Hi All;

As most of you know, I don’t usually reply to your comments to my artwork. That does not mean that I don’t read all of them, and appreciate them. I do! Just don’t want to flood you with more to read. Hope that makes sense.

Cheers. G.


Hi All;

All of my art is available as a card. So, if you want a card with special words, let me know, and I’d be glad to make it up for you.

Cheers. G.

Help For Tamela

Hi Guys;

This may seem a little unusual, but please read Tamela’s journal entry (if you have not already) Tamela

I think we all here can help here in a real tangible way, so I am asking everyone in my watch list to purchase a piece from her if you can, at least a card, to help her out a little from the jam she is in. I think it’s the least we can do for our friend.

Hope you are not offended at my request.

Cheers. G….

Digital Art

Hi Guys;

I know it can be a pain wading through everything on RB. So, to help, I’ve created a link to only my Digital Art

It’s only a few pages so you can see a lot in a few minutes that way. Go visit, and leave your comments, please.



Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Arizona

Hi Guys;…

Well, as you can see I started posting some images from my outing today. I got a lot of good ones worth posting. I wanted, however, to share my experience, from a photography standpoint. Maybe you experts out there can help with some of the problems I had. I wanted to do some actual photographs instead of digital compilations, or artisy stuff. The goal is to improve my photography skills. So, here goes.

The day was very sunny, hazy and no clouds. The sky was, hazy too. So, there was a lot of glare. I went early in the morning before it got too hot, and stayed until just after noon.

I purposefully used my telephoto lens (75-300mm), set my Xti on f5.6, and used AV mode for most of the time. What happened was, a lot of shots came out blurry. By the way, I did not use a tripod either

Image Replaced

Hi Guys;
I replaced one of my images for the following reason. I was getting a lot of negative critiques on the sky that it had a lot of lines in it. Someone even though it was a scanned image(ugh).

The reason I am mentioning it is because I used a CS2 plug in filter to enhance the sky and it left me with the lines when viewed very large. I don’t see that when uploaded, until it was pointed out to me. Any how that’s how we learn. It looks a lot better now.

The plug in is Ulead Effects/Particles/Clouds.

Cabo Surf-2

Smaller Portfolio

I thought of a possible way to keep your “active” portfolio smaller, so people can get through it quicker. Make images you want to “archive” not visible. Then you can rotate them in, and rotate others out regularly.

I asked RB support and here’s what they responded with:

If you make your works not visible then that will remove whatever views/favouritings that image held from your total count. However, if you decide to make the work visible once again all those view counts, faves and comments will still be there.

What do you think?
P.S. I see that works…. but it does not re-establish group submissions…..

Featured Artists

I have added these to my Featured Artists in my profile for the week:

Featured Artists This Week:
Melanie Isleif
Mary Campbell
Jan Piller

Melanie is new to RB, but what I’ve seen so far rocks. Mary has some awesome landscape and nature images. Jan is an excellent artist and helps with critiques.

So, go check their stuff, and have fun doing it!

Cheers. G.

Home Page

I gotta tell you….look at the Home Page right now and I see boobs…. this is the wrong place for that. It’s in bad taste in my mind. Is this a porn site?

Busy Busy

Hi Guys;

Been kinda busy today getting ready for a photo contest coming up next month, as well as, getting ready for our trip on Thursday. I’ll try to be on some tomorrow. Sorry I missed some of your stuff. I’ll try to catch up later. I won’t be too active for a few days due to traveling and visiting our grand daughter. So, I’ll miss you all.

Cheers. G.

p.s. If there is anything you want me to specifically look at send me a Bmail and I’ll check that.



Anybody notice they changed the font on the top of the page….. did they change their logo too?

Group Avatar Image

Hi Guys;

This is for group moderators in my watch list. I sent this question to support, as well. Other may have comments, so feel free to chime in.

I notice when you look at the overview page and go done on the right side where the groups you are in, are listed, that when you click on the avatar image for the group it takes you to the group, not the image. I can see where that makes sense, but it doesn’t really give the owner of the image any exposure. If I really wanted to see that person’s profile, how would I find them without going through all the images in the group. Is there a way to highlight the owner in the group page or some other way?

Maybe each group moderator would have to add some text to the beginning of the group intro.


Hi Guys;

Sorry for this, but for everyone who looked at this one, I replaced it with a better one… the previous one had some flaws….so, have another look if you don’t mind… thx….


I’d do the same for you…:-)


I’m getting ready to do a major purge of my RB submission. So, if there is something that you want, now’s the time.



I know I’ve been kinda quite yesterday and today. I’m still here, not going anywhere. Working on some ideas in Photoshop. that are taking a long time to come to fruition. That has my attention at the moment. I’ll make some comments in a few.

Stay tuned, “film at 11” as they say….lol

Cheers. G.

Home page - Follow Up

In regards to the lousy home page images they have been putting up lately, here was their response.

“I guess there’s all kinds of work on redbubble and we like to represent a good spectrum of that work. We normally avoid nudes on the home page, though, so no bottoms, breasts or genitals, but sometimes one will slip through. Usually it’s pointed out fairly quickly and we remove the image.”

Home Page - Again

Good Morning Everyone:…

I woke up in shock this morning when I looked at the RB Home Page. I’ve been a member since Aug. 2007. One of the things that drew me in was the terrific images in the home page. I am embarrassed to point someone to RB with some of the home page images lately, especially today. If some of my christian friends looked at that, they’d think it was a porn site. This is the second time I am complaining about this. I guess nobody is listening.

There are a lot of wonderful images here, that would be much more suited for the home page. If people want to discover nudity, at least let them join by drawing them in. Most people are not interested in that and would not join, and miss out on seeing all the great stuff on RB.

I have posted this on RB and sent a note to support. Th


Hi All;
Just wanted to let everybody know that I will be providing more constructive comments on your submissions. There is nothing personal there, so don’t take it the wrong way. I want us all to be submitting our best (including me). This we we can help each other improve our art, and that’s what it’s all about.

These are only my opinions, so it’s not gospel. It’s your art, and you have to be happy with it, not me, necessarily. If you prefer that I do not comment that way, let me know, and I won’t comment.

Oh, and let’s have fun Bubbling! :-)

Cheers. G.


Hi All;

FYI.. My wife’s knee surgery was canceled today, because the doctor wants to refer her case to another physician, due to the complexity. We were minutes from going to the hospital when he called. So, it will have to be rescheduled.

Arizona Fans

Hi Guys;

This is for my Arizona fans. I’ll be doing a presentation on Digital Photography at the Gilbert Visual Arts League on May 6th. If you can attend, that would be great, Let me know and I will send you details.


Scam Notice

Hi all;…


I got a notification from a Man named Gregory Woods,saying i won a prize.for my art work,he wanted info from me of course i was alittle unsure about it… who is this and how is he getting our Email addresses. I have had other RBlers report this to me as well. Here is the body of his message below: It come from the “ART COUNCIL VERIFICATION FORM”

Good Day to you.
Congratulations once again from all the staffs of National Art lottery. I am in receipt of your mail and I must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of our lucky prize winners in this years lucky sweepstakes. you have been granted the sum of £200,000.00 (Two Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling). As you already know, your art work was randomly selected along with others from over 125,000

Home Page

Hi All;
Has anybody noticed the themes on the RB home page lately? They keep showing these drawings? I mean it’s interesting art, however, that’s all I seem to see lately. Is this just me, or are others seeing that as well?
Why don’t they show some digital photography for a change? Maybe I’m just having a bad day.
BYW, I don’t mean to offend anyone who has had their work shown, so don’t take it the wrong way. I just think there are a lot of other art forms on RB that are not getting that kind of attention recently.

Cheers. G.

Pencils Sale!

Woke up this morning to see that Pencils sold a laminated print. Thank you to the buyer. This is my first laminated print sale!

Not only that, over 1000 views of this entry.

Thx to my RB fans. You’re the best!

Cheers. G.

Photography Tip

Hi All;

You probably saw my Flowing Stream

I did not have a tripod for this one and, as you know, it would be impossible to hold the camera steady to get the water flow like that. So, I found a log to prop the camera on, but I have to practically lay down to get the right position. Anyhow, when a tripod is not available look for something to steady your camera so you can have the longer shutter speed, without the blur.

Cheers. G.

I'm Back

Hi All;
As you can see, I have a new hat. Hope you like?

I was out in the wilderness all day yesterday, and I have some awesome images to post. Stay tuned… film at 11:00…lol…

p.s. no injuries this time, thank God.


Off The Air

I’ll be off the air until Sunday. So, sorry if I missed anything good. If you want a critique from me send me a bmail. Otherwise…have fun…. see you Sunday..

Cheers. G.


Hi Guys;

I have a chance to do my first wedding. If anyone has any good tips, they would be much appreciated.



Well I’ve had over 15,000 views of my art and over 3,100 views of my clothing. I know people have had a lot more that that in the same time period. I have deleted many images, so a lot of views we’re eliminated as well. Any how I appreciate you looking and commenting. I hope my art improves with age, as I have (lol).

Cheers. G.


Hi Guys;
update on my hand… the orthopidist said I have a sprain and gave me a more restrictive splint.. i can barely type this…i have to follow up with another xray and visit in a week.. and have to wear this for 4-6 weeks..(Ahhh)….. going on a camping trip this weekend too…depending on how it heals… i may need surgery to repair the ligament…..not fun stuff…. if i don’t send a lot of comments.. you’ll know why.. i’ll do what i can though, because it’s important….and I enjoy looking at your best…

Cheers. G.



I came across this site that has a link to a short video on publishing a photo book using Blurb

you may find it useful…. G.

Back On

Hi Guys;

I’m back on after my day in the desert. Thx. for all your wonderful comments while I was absent…. I had a slight ATV accident today. The ATV tipped over on us, and landed on my right hand. No broken bones, but it’s pretty swollen. I can still work but, limited, so I may not be on as much as I usually am for a few days. I’ll do my best. Good news is I got a lot of amazing desert photos (mountains, trees, sky, wildflowers, cactus, and the like) that I’ll be going through, and hopefully have some to post that you’ll find pleasing.

Cheers. G.



I’ll be out most of the day tomorrow on a photo shoot in the desert. So, I won’t be able to respond to you until Wednesday. I’ll try to catch up then…
p.s. I love being retired….

Cheers. G.

Windows Explorer

Anybody know how to see PSD thumbnails in the explorer view thumbnails option? It’s a pain having to open to view what’s in there. (I’m lazy)


Come To Him

I’m going to remove this entry in a few days. So, if you want a card, don’t hesitate, or it’ll be gone. Oh, and there’s no pressure lol…

Come To Him

p.s. It’s just a card, but the message is powerful, so at least copy that.

Cheers. G.

Screen Font Size

Hi All;

You probably already know this. Anyhow I know the RB font sizes are a little small for us, ah, mature generation. By accident, I found that if you hold the ctrl and C keys down, and roll your mouse wheel, you can increase/decrease the fonts size displayed on the screen. This really helped me scroll through RB stuff with less eye strain. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay set that way after you exit your browser (I use Firefox), but it’s easy to reset. My browser comes up when I boot up, and stays on all day.

You’d think after being in computers for 40 years, I’d already know this, go figure. Hope you can use this.

Cheers. G.

Printing Images 101

I went to the camera store to have some of my images printed, and ran into a couple of issues I thought I’d share with my fellow bubblers. Maybe you already know this stuff, but it was new for me since I’ve mostly dealt with doing images online.…

1. All my JPEG images were sized very large, like the ones we submit to RB. When they went to print these, say on 8×10, or 4×6, the proportions where not right. As a result some of the image was chopped off on the sides. For some images this was acceptable, for other is was not. On some I had them printed as 8×12, and put them in an 11×14 mat. They look fine, and I can offer these at the same price as an 8×10. Not too bad.

2. On some images I put a logo, but with the larger I prints the logo got larger too, and in some cases was chopped off becaus


Hi Everyone;…

I am not ignoring you, because I’ve been kinda quite the past couple days. I have been going through my portfolio, and purging out submissions that I feel are not worthy of RB high standards. This is the second time I’ve done this, and I’ve removed about 50 entries this time. I’m still working on it, though. It’s hard to admit to yourself that your work is not worthy, but I think we all need to do that every now-and-again. It’s nice to say we have thousands of views and hundreds of entries, but I know there was stuff I wouldn’t buy in my portfolio, and it just did not look commercially viable. As we improve our skills, and our art becomes more presentable, it’s good to get rid of the “snapshots of old” as I refer to them, if you know what I mean. I’ll look at some of yours’

Group Limits

I know a lot of groups have limits to how many entries each one can have. I guess there is a reason for that, but I can’t think of it. What difference should it make if they’re are 60 pages, or 5 pages, or 20 pages? Do the moderators actually have to manage those pages? Until RB comes up with a better way for us to manage what we have in groups, placing a limit puts the burden on us to know what images we have in what groups. There is virtually no easy way to do that without going through every submission, or leaving the group, and resubmitting. All the limits do, in my mind, is reduce the amount of exposure one can get. I mean, that’s the only way we have to branch out beyond our watch list on RB.

Just my opinion. If anybody has a better idea, speak out.


Black Spots

Hi Guys;

Can anybody why I might be getting black spots on some of my landscape shots, especially in the sky portion of the frame? I can Photoshop them out, but it’s a pain.

Sedona Arizona

For those of you who like Sedona, or who may not have seen it. If you ever get a change to come here don’t pass it up. I live about 80 miles south of there and try to get up there often. The photography opportunities are virtually unlimited. Enjoy the tour.



Has anybody figured out an easy way to see what art you have in what group, short of going through every image? I asked RB support and they have no answer. They seem to put in all these enhancements nobody asked for and not the ones we really need.


Hi all in my watch list. I notice that I’ve been spending too much time viewing and commenting on everybody else’s work, and less time doing what I need to do to promote my work commercially. Having said that, you can expect fewer comments from me going down the road. It does not mean I am not viewing your work, because that’s why I have you in my list, so I can see what others are doing.

Just understand that it is nothing personnel. Many of you have been, and continue to be, very helpful to me, and I don’t want to tarnish that relationship, because I know that one of the reasons my work has improved is because of your help.

If I can be of help to anyone, just Bmail me and I’ll get back to you. Hope you understand.

Cheers. G.


Hi All;

Just so you know. I replaced Come

Thanks for the suggestions. Hopefully you like it better. I know I do.


Well, even after I deleted over 50 of my submissions, you have viewed my art over 8,000 times, and my tee over 1,600 times. It’s not stellar, compared to some I’ve seen, but the important thing is that your comments are more complimentary of my work than a couple months ago. To me that means I’m improving. So, hopefully you agree, and thanks for the attention.

Cheers. G.

New Me

Hey Everybody;

Check out the new me. I decided to update my profile portrait. Not that I vain or anything, but the other one was a little dated.
Me Updated

Top 12

Hi Everyone;

I had this wild idea. I know we all have a bunch of submission here, and it’s hard for everybody (including myself) to look at everything. So, I thought I’d create a click on my profile so people could see my 12 best based on RBullers feedback. Why 12, becaue 12 will fit on one page.

Anyhow here are my current entries you were all interested in the most. I’m sure it will change over time, but once you go through you entires once, keep a log of the top 20 or 30. That way you can adjust your top 12 as you go.

Top 12

New Strategy

Hi Guys;…

It’s time for a new strategy. I’m convinced that it’s not how many submissions, comments or favs you have. Rather what is the quality of your work for commercial usage. Yeah it’s nice to get good comments, but it really doesn’t mean anything when that’s all you get. It’s like saying “I love you” everyday without backing it up with actions.

Yes, I have sold some items, which is good, but I have a lot of images out there that, frankly, are not that great and have no real value cluttering up Red Bubble, and wasting your time with – “snapshots”.

My new strategy is to spend more time learning my art, and submitting images that are high quality for your review. I will also be removing a number of images from my portfolio, and I will not be commenting as much as I have been (nothing per

Pounding Maui Surf

Hi All;

For those of you that Fave’d Pounding Maui Surf

re-fav it, because I replaced the entry. The original had a tilted horizon (something I’m a real stickler about :-)), and I just noticed it when I put it on my desktop as a screen saver.

Cheers. G.

Watch List - Who's really watching?

Hi Guys;

Not to sound pushy, but there are a lot of people that show that they are watching me, but I only seem to get comments from the same few people.

Are you really watching, but not commenting, or…. ????

This is not a “no news is good news” site. I solicit your comments, in fact I need them so I can do better. Otherwise what’s the point.

What’s up with that?

Cheers. G.

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