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Card Reader

Hi Guys;

Here’s a little tip. Since I have several digital cameras that all use different cards, I decided to invest in a card reader. That way It’s just one USB cable, and port, to my computer, and then, swap cards in and out when I need to. It’s a real time saver, and less cables laying around. Also, when I’m shooting stock images with the tripod, I don’t have to remove the camera, go to the computer, etc. If your computer already has a card reader, use it, otherwise this was about $20 for the reader. Well worth it, I’d say.
Hope this helps.
Cheers. G.

Watch List

Hi All;…

For some reason, I get the distinct impression that people have removed me from their watch list. I can’t really tell who’s watching me, because when I look at “Who’s watching me”, and look at who they are watching I don’t always see my name. Apparently RB records when someone adds you to their watch list, but does not record it when they remove you from their list. I’m not sure.

The reason I ask is because in the past few days there has not been a lot of views or comments coming my way. Maybe it’s just the holidays, I don’t know.

At this rate there’s no reason to stay on RB. So, if your out there let me know, otherwise, if things don’t pick up, I’m gone.

RB is a great source for hearing comments on your work from other photographers. That helps us all become more proficient at th


Hi All;…

Merry Christmas again. I’ve seen a couple journal entries going around regarding comments people may have made that hurt, or offended others. That’s not what RB is about, so I wouldn’t blame someone for not wanting that, and opting to leave RB.

You may have had a “suggestion” from me in my comments on your work from time to time, and some of you have thanked me for that. And that’s what they are – “suggestions”. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s just one opinion. In no way are my comments meant to criticize, hurt, or offend anyone. I do appreciate it when I see those “suggestions” given to me, however, if you do not want me to make “suggestions” on your images, feel free to send me a note, and I will stop.

Red Bubble, as I understand it, is a place for us to post our w

Big Shots

HI All;

I replaced “Big Shots” with an updated photo, per a suggestion. I hope you like it better. Also, I made a tee short. Thanks for the ideas.

Cheers. G.

Over 4,000 views

Thank you everybody for taking the time to view my work over the past couple months. As of this morning, my Pencils image had 346 views, 36 comments, and 19 favoritings – and counting.

Cheers. G.


I was pleasantly surprised today when I go on RB to see one of my images on the RB Home Page “Pencils”. It was one of those photos I thought nobody will like this. Well to my surprise it’s had 147 views, 23 comments and 11 favoritings. Thank you all so much. Hopefully someone will like enough to buy. :-) Even so, I’m having fun, and that’s the main thing, enjoy what you do.

Cheers to all. G.

Total Views - 12-2007

Well, I didn’t quite make 8,000 like Rockinsue, but I did make 3,150 views since August, and I see the individual views/favs are increasing with my later works, which means more exposure, and hopefully sales.

Thanks you all for your comments and taking the time to view my work. It means a lot.

Cheers. G.

Isolating Cards

Hi All;

I was trying to rack my brain on how to just isolate my cards for viewing/purchase, since RB has no way to do that yet. So, I created a Writing, and put links to various cards that says “Go To My Cards”. I also, passed this on to my customers so they could purchase from there as well.

If anyone has a better way, I’m all (virtual) ears.

Cheers. G.

Got Backup!

Thought I’d add this to my journal as a reminder as well.

Just a reminder to all. Backup your images. I back them up twice. Since I have a laptop with a C and D drive I back up to the D drive, and make a back up on an external drive.

After being in the computer industry for 40 years, I can’t stress this enough. Data loss can be costly.

Cheers. G.

View From Last page First

I noticed that most of the comments received (thanks you for them) are on my latest works. So, it leads me to believe that, as we put more and more images on RB, it’s too much for people to wade through everything. That’s understandable.

However, I also believe we are missing out on enjoying other works from the folks in our Fav list. So, I encourage you all (including me) to look at works from the last page first and see what you’re missing.

Website Idea

Hi Everyone;

I see a lot of mention regarding websites. I am using It’s designed for photographers, and It was not that expensive. I paid $240 for a 13 month subscription. I can upload as much as I want and have full control over the content. Their support is excellent also.

Check my site, and if you like it, well you know the rest of the story.

By the way, if you like what you see on my site you can purchase there as well.




Hi Everyone;

This just came to me from RB support. Some of you may have seen you cards cut off on the edges when you look at them in buy/view mode. So I inquired, and here’s what they said.

The preview is correct – as part of the production process some of the image is trimmed to achieve ‘full bleed’. We’re currently looking at a border option for cards – which would mean that no image would be trimmed (but this is probably several weeks away from implementation).

So, you may want to review your submissions. Check the buy/preview view to determine if you need to resubmit.

I have to at least four of mine over again. No wonder no one would buy these looking like that. Glad I found out.



Hi All;

I created a 2008 calendar of images you fav’ed. Check it out and hope you like. Let me know if you want to buy, cause I’d have to do it and have it shipped to your address of choice. RB is glad to print and send calendars to anyone through the self ordering process – and just change the delivery address.


Tee Shirt Sizes

Hi Red Bubblers;

I had a really bad experience with two of my tee shirt orders. In both cases X-large, women’s style was ordered. The shirts are more like small, or medium, although they say X-large. Has anyone had experience with this type of problem?


Selling Photos

I’m fairly new to the photography world, and being recently retired, looking for another venue to not only have fun, but maybe make a little money. I’m looking for others who would like to share their experiences on how they were able to sell their works.

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