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Home Page - Again

Good Morning Everyone:

I woke up in shock this morning when I looked at the RB Home Page. I’ve been a member since Aug. 2007. One of the things that drew me in was the terrific images in the home page. I am embarrassed to point someone to RB with some of the home page images lately, especially today. If some of my christian friends looked at that, they’d think it was a porn site. This is the second time I am complaining about this. I guess nobody is listening.

There are a lot of wonderful images here, that would be much more suited for the home page. If people want to discover nudity, at least let them join by drawing them in. Most people are not interested in that and would not join, and miss out on seeing all the great stuff on RB.

I have posted this on RB and sent a note to support. They need to MAKE SOME CHANGES!!!! This is no way to market RB. If you feel the same way let them know. I’m gone if they don’t change.

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