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Printing Images 101

I went to the camera store to have some of my images printed, and ran into a couple of issues I thought I’d share with my fellow bubblers. Maybe you already know this stuff, but it was new for me since I’ve mostly dealt with doing images online.

1. All my JPEG images were sized very large, like the ones we submit to RB. When they went to print these, say on 8×10, or 4×6, the proportions where not right. As a result some of the image was chopped off on the sides. For some images this was acceptable, for other is was not. On some I had them printed as 8×12, and put them in an 11×14 mat. They look fine, and I can offer these at the same price as an 8×10. Not too bad.

2. On some images I put a logo, but with the larger I prints the logo got larger too, and in some cases was chopped off because of the reasons I mentioned above. Those had to be fixed, and reprinted.

The moral of the story is this. Save your original image, when you have it the way you want, as a big PSD file, with layers, including your logo. When you are preparing to print, open the PSD, and when done, save the file as a JPEG in the size you want to print. Use the crop tool to see how it will look. You may need to move the logo, or other items, around to make it acceptable. Don’t overwrite the original PSD file, and avoid re-saving JPEGs. The quality degrades after 4-5 saves.

So, using this method, you can save the final JPEG for printing in the size you want without loss of content. Oh, and they recommended that you change the resolution for printing to 300, especially on larger prints, to avoid pixilation.

Sorry this was sooo, log, but hopefully it will help you printing images.

Cheers. G.

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