Gilbert, United States

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New Strategy

Hi Guys;

It’s time for a new strategy. I’m convinced that it’s not how many submissions, comments or favs you have. Rather what is the quality of your work for commercial usage. Yeah it’s nice to get good comments, but it really doesn’t mean anything when that’s all you get. It’s like saying “I love you” everyday without backing it up with actions.

Yes, I have sold some items, which is good, but I have a lot of images out there that, frankly, are not that great and have no real value cluttering up Red Bubble, and wasting your time with – “snapshots”.

My new strategy is to spend more time learning my art, and submitting images that are high quality for your review. I will also be removing a number of images from my portfolio, and I will not be commenting as much as I have been (nothing personal), but I need to spend time with my art and not administrative work. So, I need to find a balance, and in the process you may not hear much from me. I’m here and will continue to be here reviewing your work.

Cheers. G.

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