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Hi All;

For some reason, I get the distinct impression that people have removed me from their watch list. I can’t really tell who’s watching me, because when I look at “Who’s watching me”, and look at who they are watching I don’t always see my name. Apparently RB records when someone adds you to their watch list, but does not record it when they remove you from their list. I’m not sure.

The reason I ask is because in the past few days there has not been a lot of views or comments coming my way. Maybe it’s just the holidays, I don’t know.

At this rate there’s no reason to stay on RB. So, if your out there let me know, otherwise, if things don’t pick up, I’m gone.

RB is a great source for hearing comments on your work from other photographers. That helps us all become more proficient at the art. Without those comments there really no point in sticking around. I spend quite a bit of time viewing and commenting on RB, and I enjoy seeing scenes from around the world. So, I would hate to leave. But, I am a contributor to the site, and would like to be recognized just like the next person.

Maybe I’m just paraniod… :-)

Cheers. G.

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