Gilbert, United States

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Buisness Started

Well, everyone, it’s official. Yesterday I officially started my photography business. Lenz Photo Shop is the name I go by, with back account, credit/debit card. and funded by…well…me….:-)

I have at least 7 art shows lined up the next month, along with gallery showings, event shoots and artist receptions. My hope is these events will help jump start my business. In these hard economic times it will be a challenge, I’m sure.

As most of you know, for the past year this has been a passion and hobby for me. Now, I’m out there, as it were. Wish me the best. You’re encouragement and feedback has played a vital role in this decision process, and I appreciate that. I’ll still be on the Bubble, however, the majority of my time will be spent promoting my business.

Believe me, I’d much rather be behind the camera and computer, but marketing and exposure is a must to make it in this business. Any good advise is welcomed…:-)

Cheers, and here goes …I’m turning the page to a new chapter, how exciting! ….G>

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