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New Group

Hi All;
We have a new group called Digital Art Compilations, or DAC. Along with spiritnme (Cynthia) we are your hosts and look forward to having you join. There is a lot of talent out there that we are looking forward to coming out even more. So, the main premise of the group is that when you post your images share techniques/processes of how you did it. Most of you know that I do that with my posts. The intent is to help other artists become familiar with those techniques so they too can better utilize the tools that are available, and have more fun. So, please accept our invitation as we welcome you to the DAC Group. Tell your friends too!

Group Guidelines:
1. Limit of 10 images per member
2. Limit 2 images per day; per member*>>>PLEASE PLAY NICE<<<*

1. Post art which relates to the description of Digital Art Compilations
2. Abide by the Group Guidelines and RB Guidelines at all times
3. Respect hosts and other members
4. Have fun!!!
5. No nudity
6. Clothing and writing is acceptable

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