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Hi All;

For some of us there are fond memories of our Dad’s, and for others it’s something we’d rather forget. Each is rather sad, in a way, because there are only memories.

Some have the privilege of having Dad around on Father’s Day, and plan to spend some time with him. What an honor that is. Cherish each time you can so that.

My Dad, and my Wife’s Dad, passed on many years ago and we both still miss them, because, for each of us, our Dad’s were there for us and provided guidance and love that is so needed in those formative years.

Dad’s, you too have a responsibility, a mission, if you will to be that for your children. I know for some I’m preaching to the choir, but for others, maybe you need to hear it – again.

Anyhow Father’s Day is coming up, as you know. If you can, do something special with him – really special.

Cheers. G.

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