Concrete Jungle

CONCRETE JUNGLEBy Graham Gillam © word count 1356

Twenty-two circus animals escaped, including; three lions, five elephants, twelve monkeys and a tiger…

Later, a man sat in his car lighting a cigarette. He looked up just in time to see three huge elephants come barging around the corner bellowing as they stampeded toward his car. With his mouth agape and his cigarette hanging freely from his bottom lip, in disbelief, he froze in terror as the largest elephant pounded its way forward straight over the top of his car, reducing it to a flattened hulk of metal. The man was killed instantly.

On the next block, three hungry lions had mauled a local butcher. Two of the mighty beasts feasted upon rump steaks, T-bones, legs of lamb and even sausages while the third lion continued to gnaw a the throat of the butcher. They roared at a tremendous volume as the gorged themselves into a feeding frenzy.

Out on the street, children screamed as their mothers frantically tried to get them to safety. One little girl was trapped beneath a seat at a bus stop by two screeching monkeys that tormented her by jump up and down on the seat poking and prodding at her through the bench rails.
Tyres wailed and brakes locked up as a car swerved to avoid collision with a courier van. Another wild primate, startled by the sounds of the city, had darted into a busy intersection. The car managed to narrowly miss the van but cleaned up a motorcycle on its right hand side. The bike flipped out of control sending its rider and pillion passenger sailing into a newspaper stand. The driver of the car landed his vehicle onto its side, skidding with sparks rising off the concrete sidewalk as it careered into a fashion boutique. Mannequins littered the shop front like dead pedestrians and perhaps a few of them were.

A man in a blood soaked shirt ran screaming from a Roxy cinema carrying his severed right arm in his left. His arm had been ripped clean off by a the huge tiger that now rampaged through the theatre where fifty or more movie goers scurried in every direction, fight with each other as the scrambled for the exits. The tiger overpowered a teenager in the back row and while temporarily focused on its prey the other patrons fled. Finding their escape routes they poured out onto the street. Spewing from the cinema as though the movie they had been watching was a real screamer.

Panic stricken, one patron ran into the path of a bus approaching from the left. No one stopped to help her. The fear of being torn apart by the tiger had them fleeing for their lives.

Cars littered the streets from one end of the city to the other. A red sedan lay on its roof, still spinning with twisted coffee tables and chairs beneath it. There wasn’t anyone in the car.

Below the sidewalk mayhem, in the subway, near on a dozen monkeys tormented commuters. They found their way down there and in all the excitement and screaming were too confused to find their way out. It was totally wild and out of control. Apocalyptic madness. People clawed savagely at the monkeys as the savage monkeys clawed at people’s faces.

A group of petrified school girls huddled together in a corner at the far end of the platform as three of the cheekier monkeys taunted them by bounding on top of them and somersaulting off again.

Finally, leaving the subway in absolute terror the gang of wayward jungle terrorists discovered the dark train tunnel and scampered off one after the other until the monkey was out of sight.

Moments later, a whistle shrieked and the commuters that still had enough wits about them to look up witness a city express train speed through the tunnel. Its windscreen smear with the blood and guts of a dozen monkeys as it roared through the station like an enema.

One monkey, a baby chimpanzee, oddly wandered the streets above seemingly, without a care in the world.

Bananas. Outside a fruit shop the little stranger helped himself to a tasty, familiar banana until an irate Fruiter brandishing a large straw broom came charging from the rear of the store. He batted at the chimp and they weren’t little shooing love taps. If he had his way he would have beaten the filthy vagabond into a bloody pulp.

The chimp bolted around the corner.

It was reduced to a bloody pulp after all as another raging elephant with stark terror in its eyes, came bounding down the adjacent street. The elephant stopped short of the intersection and in it’s huge trunk it managed to pick up a rather large lady of the sidewalk and toss her through the air like a rag doll.

Smash. The woman crashed through a second story window in an office building across the street.

The mammoth creature ran on without realization as to the mass destruction it left in its wake.

By now, sirens whined. Most of the streets in the immediate vicinity were free of people. The traffic had come to a complete halt as cars were abandoned. Their doors left wide open. People had taken to the high-rise buildings and to the safety of locked doors and basements.

An enormous fire had begun in a petrol station on the outskirts of the city. A semi-trailer was sandwiched between an elephant and a taxi rank. In a last ditch effort to avoid the taxis the truck driver swerved toward the elephant, the swerve proving to sharp and the truck rolled. The momentum of the large truck took out six bowsers and sparks as sparks do found their way to the escaping fuel. WOOF…

KA BOOM. That whole end of town rocked to its foundations. Buildings shook, windows imploded and people screamed and ran for their lives. Two human torches were spotted and were extinguished by heroic citizens.

Sirens wailed. Fire engines, ambulances, police and emergency services realized their worst nightmares and the city was officially declared a disaster area.

Just three hours after the first of the escapees had entered the city a strange silence had become ominous. Save for the relentless sirens. The manic animals were scattered throughout the city. Some sought refuge in the parks and reserves others continued to feed on the bounties they found.

Eventually, order was restored.

Emergency services work day and night for forty-eight hours following the incident. Zoo and circus officials, handlers and other various experts were called to the scene. The animals were painstakingly tranquilized, captured and caged. Some were put down as a last resort to their unresponsive behavior.

The lions were so ravenous by this time that slaughter was the only option.

Fires were extinguished. Cars were moved to makeshift holding yards, cordoned off streets at various locations.

There were eighty-five people dead. Two hundred and fifteen casualties with injuries ranging from; lost limbs and eyes, punctured sternums, cracked ribs, shock and burns, bites and broken bones.

An emergency medical center was set up in the warehouse opposite the general hospital for victims and relatives of victims.

The city was quite a way off from being restored back to normality. For a few hours it had seemed like the end of the world and the damage bill would surely run into the millions.

An investigation into the escape of the animals on mass revealed that, a disgruntled worker: a clown, in fact that was romantically involved with a trapeze artist, had found his lover in bed with the circus owner.

The clown was allegedly given an ultimatum to back off or leave the circus.

He decided to exact his revenge.

Later that night he had acquired the keys and silently made his way to each cage, leaving the gates open enough so as by morning the escape of the animals was inevitable.

The clown is now in prison awaiting trail for occasioning malicious damage, gross incompetence, resulting in too many accounts of manslaughter too mention.

The Circus went out of business.


Concrete Jungle

Graham Gillam

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More wild than a Jumanji stampede

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