The Pixel Art Madness Begins

Salutations all,

We are very pleased that you’ve stumbled upon our Redbubble gallery! Welcome, and please enjoy the scrumptious, crunchy (yes crunchy) pixel art designs that we have crafted with all the geekish love we could muster.

So far we have a delicate handful of pixelated delights, but out library of Anime, pop culture, comic, cartoon, and video game-inspired works will surely grow.

So far you’ll notice a few familiar faces if you are a villager or mayor in a village full of animals, and also if you’re prone to adventuring. Also if you’ve had a go at the judicial system, you may recognize a few attorneys in the mix.

We will be adding more and more designs as time goes by, so please feel free to come back and visit!

~ Vilsy & JJ

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