Gary Kelly

Taree, Australia

I’m a hobby photographer. In fact, I’m not sure Red Bubble should refer to me as an “artist”. But I do like to...


At last!

It’s been a long-time dream to be featured by Old Farts of Red Bubble I’ve had a few acceptances but never a feature. Until now. And wouldn’t you know it? It wasn’t my fancy Nikon I used. Oh no. It was the little Fuji compact on a spur-of-the-moment decision to take the shot. Hehe. In any case, I’m most grateful for the honor.


Thank you very much to the person with exquisite taste who bought a postcard of a pic I took at a collectables fair in Taree a few years ago. Now all I gotta do is figure out what I can buy for 24 cents.

Speaking to God

1. Could I speak to God, please.
2. Sorry, God is not here at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?
1. Not there?
2. I’m afraid not.
1. But that can’t be right. He’s everywhere!
2. Technically speaking, yes…
1. Omnipresent, I think you call it.
2. That’s true but…
1. So He must be there.
2. Put it this way, He’s not available at the moment.
1. Is He available somewhere else?
2. Of course.
1. Where?
2. Everywhere.
1. You did say everywhere?
2. Yes.
1. Then may I speak to Him, please.
2. Where are you?
1. Does it matter? You said He was available everywhere.
2. It might help if I know exactly where you are.
1. Latitude 33 degrees, 2.4 minutes, South… longitude 152 degrees, 8.3 minutes, East.
2. Is that Earth?
1. Yes.
2. Hold the line, please.
3. Gabriel speaking.
1. Oh, hello, Gabriel. Could I speak to God…

Viewfinder versus LCD screen

I prefer to get up close and personal with my camera so I almost always use the viewfinder. However, there’s a major a drawback. My nice new Nikon now has a big splotch of nose grease on the LCD screen. Yucko! So I figured I’d become an inventor.

You know those stick-on clown noses? The bright red ones? Well, I’m gonna cover one with lens cleaning cloth. Are you with me? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

Just remember you saw the idea here first. Down there for dancin’, ya know,


Does anyone know how to delete a collection or at least change its contents? I wish I’d never heard of the damn things.

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