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Taree, Australia

I’m a hobby photographer. In fact, I’m not sure Red Bubble should refer to me as an “artist”. But I do like to...


Speaking to God

1. Could I speak to God, please.
2. Sorry, God is not here at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?
1. Not there?
2. I’m afraid not.
1. But that can’t be right. He’s everywhere!
2. Technically speaking, yes…
1. Omnipresent, I think you call it.
2. That’s true but…
1. So He must be there.
2. Put it this way, He’s not available at the moment.
1. Is He available somewhere else?
2. Of course.
1. Where?
2. Everywhere.
1. You did say everywhere?
2. Yes.
1. Then may I speak to Him, please.
2. Where are you?
1. Does it matter? You said He was available everywhere.
2. It might help if I know exactly where you are.
1. Latitude 33 degrees, 2.4 minutes, South… longitude 152 degrees, 8.3 minutes, East.
2. Is that Earth?
1. Yes.
2. Hold the line, please.
3. Gabriel speaking.
1. Oh, hello, Gabriel. Could I speak to God…

Viewfinder versus LCD screen

I prefer to get up close and personal with my camera so I almost always use the viewfinder. However, there’s a major a drawback. My nice new Nikon now has a big splotch of nose grease on the LCD screen. Yucko! So I figured I’d become an inventor.

You know those stick-on clown noses? The bright red ones? Well, I’m gonna cover one with lens cleaning cloth. Are you with me? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

Just remember you saw the idea here first. Down there for dancin’, ya know,


Does anyone know how to delete a collection or at least change its contents? I wish I’d never heard of the damn things.

The difference between Men and Women

A friend forwarded a bunch of stuff about the differences between the sexes this morning, and I thought these were worth sharing with my fellow RBers: I listed the links below hoping that the pics would appear on this page. But it wasn’t to be… that is until my friend Mieke figured out how to make it so. How come she’s so smart? Scroll down the page a bit to see the pics without having to click the links.






Last but not least: Men socialize by insulting each other but they don’t really mean it. Women socialize by complimenting each other but they don’t really mean it either.

William Bullimore Photography

I haven’t heard from William since he ran his first exhibition in Brisbane some months ago. He seems to have vanished from the planet. Has anyone heard from him recently? I emailed him a month or so ago but got no reply. I also checked his Twitter, Facebook and other accounts but there appear to be no recent updates.

Dodging the Bullet

When I first announced that I had the Big C earlier this year, a friend wrote “I hope you manage to dodge the bullet, Gary”. Interesting expression.…

Today, the doc from Port Macquarie Oncology phoned to remind me of my appointment next Monday, and also to tell me that he received the report from Newcastle Oncology re the PET scan I had last Monday. All clear. There’s a speck on the voice box from the effects of the radiation but nothing to be concerned about.

So there ya go. The kid lives to take a few more photos… and do a few more movies.

Also, my dentist says I get to keep my teeth despite the radiation treatment, and provided I maintain vigilant dental hygiene and brush twice daily with Biotene.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the news than to have a bit of fun on Youtube w

Max Dupain

Max Dupain. Ring a bell? He’s the photographer who took one of Australia’s best known photographs, The Sunbaker. Anyway, I got to thinking about him today and visited the official Dupain website

Then I took a look at his galleries, nice and slow, absorbing everything in his images that he thought was important and worthwhile. It was well worth the trip.

‘All I want the audience to say about my work is – "that’s beautiful". I know this is … out of kilter with the contemporary view of world events, industrial societies…wars, horror, violence and the desire for power. But if photographers want to expose all this and try to change the social pattern – they’re welcome.’ Max Dupain 1980s


Difficult question to ask and a difficult one to answer. Cancer’s not like the weather; you can’t easily dismiss it. Mine became apparent to me early last January and was operated on at Royal Prince Albert. The surgery was successful but knocked me around a bit. Then it was decided by the doctors to have me undergo radiation therapy to minimize the risk of any more cancer cells lurking where the others had been. I’m undergoing that at Port Macquarie because it’s closer to where I live at Taree on the NSW Mid North Coast. I’ve had one session of “quads” (4 bursts of radiation over 2 days) . My next quad will be mid march. After that? I’m not sure. Anyway, so far so good, and no side effects to date, except I’m still being fed via a tube with liquid food, and swallowing mushy stuff.…

My full

Off to Sydney for two weeks

G’day fellow Bubbleonians. Just to let you know I’ll be out of action for a while. I’ll be at RPA undergoing surgery for a cancerous lesion in my mouth, which has spread to a nearby lymph gland. The surgery is relatively straight forward but the recovery takes a while because of a skin graft and whatever else, which means 10 to 12 days staring at the bloody ceiling. HOW BORING. I’ll have my netbook and wireless modem with me but I’m not sure about access to power. Anyway, behave yourselves while I’m not looking.

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