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Features for Feb –March 15 2011

  1. “Low Country Spring” was featured in All Glorious Gardens
  2. “Tulips and Hyacinths” and “White Tulips” were both featured in Blooms (All Seasons)
  3. “White Tulips” was also featured in Flowering Bulbs
  4. “Tulips” was featured in Flowering Bulbs
  5. “Tulips in Spring” was featured in Tulips, Spring Blooms and ONE SINGLE FLOWER-On Show
  6. “Standing on Point – Dragonfly Series” was featured in The Tropical Zone
  7. “Holly Berries” was featured in Flowers – Fruits – Berries
  8. “Flowers in the Mist” was featured in Spring Blooms and in The Woman Photographer
  9. “Garden and Benches” was featured in A Garden Somewhere
  10. “Dual Colored Iris” was featured in GORGEOUS FLOWER Cards

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