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Features for Feb –March 15 2011

  1. “Low Country Spring” was featured in All Glorious Gardens
  2. “Tulips and Hyacinths” and “White Tulips” were both featured in Blooms (All Seasons)
  3. “White Tulips” was also featured in Flowering Bulbs
  4. “Tulips” was featured in Flowering Bulbs
  5. “Tulips in Spring” was featured in Tulips, Spring Blooms and ONE SINGLE FLOWER-On Show
  6. “Standing on Point – Dragonfly Series” was featured in The Tropical Zone
  7. “Holly Berries” was featured in Flowers – Fruits – Berries
  8. “Flowers in the Mist” was featured in Spring Blooms and in The Woman Photographer
  9. “Garden and Benches” was featured in A Garden Somewhere
  10. “Dual Colored Iris” was featured in GORGEOUS FLOWER Cards

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Tips on Shooting Butterflies

I was looking this morning for a name of a butterfly and I came across this article on tips for finding and shooting better butterfly pictures.…

I’d add to the article with my own particular tips:

First try taking the camera out of auto mode and put it in manual mode:

  1. (1) Try using your cameras “APERTURE” or Manual Modes settings to set the Depth of Field (DOF). A shollow DOF will blur out busy garden backgrounds and focus on the particular butterfly. A shallow or narrow depth of field is obtained by opening up your camera’s aperture to between F2 and F5. This will effectively sharpen only the butterfly and blur out the background. A nice effect in shooting butterflies or flowers in general. (click image to see a larger version).

Or By using a long DOF or stop down your aperture to F16-

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Camera Information

As a photographer I use the following camera equipment in the work I sell here.


  1. Canon EOS 5D for most of my digital photography work my primary camera.
  2. Canon EOS A2E for film photography (yes I still shoot film and this is a great camera for that)
  3. FujiFilm T210 (a small supplemental camera with lots of megapixels and a 10x optical zoom)
  4. Canon G3 my 1st digital camera which I still use, limited megapixels but nice macro capabilities)


  1. Canon 75-300Z
  2. Canon 28-105Z


  1. Photoshop CS6 and CS2
  2. Canon DPP

Film Enlarger:

  1. Bessler 23CII
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait