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A Thank you Earthmonster Illustrated Magazine

I want to thank Tammy for selecting my interpretation of Pavement Cracks by Annie Lennox to be in the MIA Top 10 Greatest Hits. When I was originally told a few weeks ago this work had been selected I was ecstatic! So when the new addition of Earthmonster came out, I hurried over to see…. Imagine my surprise to see it listed as #1 in the countdown!!

The Music Inspired by Art group is so dear to me. We all use something to relate ourselves to our surroundings and/or circumstances. Before I found Photography, I used music. When I found a way to combine the two, it became a sort of “Automatic writing” of sorts. So much so, that when finished, I find not only mental relief, but physical and spiritual as well.

I want to again thank Tammy , Music Inspired Art and Earthmonster Illustrated Magazine for such an honor.

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