Game Of Kings Artist Interview: Scott Robinson

Our interviewee this time is Scott Robinson, a man who has been here on Redbubble creating, inspiring and giving since the very beginning.

Could you start by telling us a little about yourself ? Do you have a “day” job?

A little about myself?

Well, yep, I’ve definitely got a day job, I’m a full time graphic designed and illustrator and I run my own little design studio in the evenings. That’s a fair few hours dedicated to designing per day, but it’s the only thing I’ve ever been relatively proficient at. I’m also 100% addicted to coffee, I think those 2 things are related though..

Which artists influence or inspire you?

Oh, far too many to mention really, I’m really in love with art/design, so anyone that can provoke a response from me gets my admiration.

At the heart of things though, It’s all about skate-art for me really. Artists Like Vance Courtland Johnson, Andy Jenkins, Sean Cliver, Neil Blender, A.Hourtley, the Mighty Jim Phillips just to scratch the surfaces. Then there’s people like Jeff Soto & Nate Van Dyke, both of whom I’m currently fascinated with. THEN.. there’s all my comic book heroes, Jack Kirby, Mark Silvestri, Romita’s both junior and senior… there’s just so many people I admire out there.

On top of that, there’s all these people I’ve found here at Redbubble that I’ve had to add to that list too. There’s some truly gifted art ninja’s amongst us here.

What was your introduction to Game of Kings and what decided you on getting involved?

My introduction was that I’d talked to Simon a little while ago about doing some form of collaboration work, and then when he hit me with this tidal wave of an idea for the Game of Kings, I was just blown away, and knew that I wanted to get right into it, as I’d been finding things were getting a little stagnant here at RB, and I don’t know anything that shakes off the blues like throwing yourself head long into a huge melting pot of ideas. I continued to be amazed at every single person involved. It’s been an honour.

What has been most noteworthy about your involvement to date?

The people involved are all passionate about what they’re doing, and it inspires you to push yourself harder and harder. With this many people backing you, you want to blow your own doors off.(artistically speaking). Plus they’re all just the most amazing sounding boards for ideas, and everyone’s taking suggestions, incorporating them where they see fit. It’s the truest form of group collaboration I’ve ever witnessed.

Is there anything you’d especially like us to know about your characters?

Hmm, well I guess I’d like you all to know that while I’ve been the hands that created the lines you’re seeing, the ideas, the concepts, pretty much everything about them has came about organically through this collaborative process. I don’t feel any ownership of them, so much as I shared their creation with everyone. It’s a cool feeling really.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I just hope everyone can enjoy the works, the stories, the whole grand scale picture that’s been created here. I’d also like to publically thank my fellow collaborators, this has been one hell of a ride! An honour to work beside each and every single one of you.

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