Game Of Kings Artist Interview: thickblackoutline

Could you start by telling us a little about yourself? Do you have a “day” job?

I’m a graphic designer by day, graphic designer by night. Apparently I actually have real human sleep! I have a day job for a Japanese company, which I adore. I am the only Aussie there, and have been working there for about a year and a half now. There’s an office dog, a big black great dane, who is a very loud doorbell! He’s just a puppy, 9 ft tall on his hind legs!

Then thickblackoutline is a another part of my day job – anytimeoftheday job really. I freelance, and I also extract designs directly from my brain, in some sort of ritual, and post them here on “The Bub”:… they must be free!!!!

Which artists influence or inspire you?

There are so many, it’s hard to put into perspective sometimes. From Alphonse Mucha, to Yoshu Chikanobu from Gustav Klimt to Patrick Woodroffe ~ something different inspires me in all of them, which I guess makes up what my style is.

More recently I am very inspired by fashion. Fashion Illustrations, I love a bit of the Project Runway, and although I don’t sew, lately I’m so influenced by all the details of fashion, which I try to put in my work. I have been much inspired by Leigh Buchanan’s work from PR Australia from last year – he placed 2nd, the commander of the corset!! Just heavenly! There’s so many artistic elements I see in his work, he is a true craftsman, a sculptor, magician …and yes there is a few stitches in there too!

I’m also heavily inspired, and under the influence of, a nice cup of Tea ….

What was your introduction to Game of Kings and what decided you on getting involved?

I was very flattered by a bmail from Professor Sherry, placing me in such an illustrious group of Red Bubble artists, and proposing such a fantastically huge collaboration, how could I resist?

What has been most noteworthy about your involvement to date?

To be involved with such a brilliant and talented group of artists is such an honour! A gaggle of creatives that are so supportive, willing to do what it takes, and encourage and praise with no ego, no judgement. We’ve all pushed each other that step further, and I know in myself, that I am a better artist now because of these guys! I can’t thank them enough! We bring out the best in each other. °sniff° °sob°

Is there anything you’d especially like us to know about your characters?

My two pieces are the White Queen’s Pawn, and the White Queen. Bit of pressure there as ol’ Queeny is the most powerful piece on the board! Of course, jumping the gun, I had a lot of changes to the style of my main piece, I believe it was 16! There was a lot of evolution, soul consultation, moral questions, and a lot of concepts in my head about why they look the way they both do, but I think things got there in the end. Like I said, these guys bring out the best!

I wanted to make my pawn, a “hired goon” of the queen, which is why the tag line Are diamonds enough in exchange for your soul? The diamonds are as payment, which will make sense once the Queen is released, don’t really want to give anything away!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“In the taste of a single cup of tea you will eventually discover the truth of all the ten thousand forms in the universe”

~ Attributed to the Venerable Kyongbon Sunim, Zen Master

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