Winscombe, United Kingdom

I graduated from Bath Spa University in 2010 with an F(d) A in Applied Art and Design. / As well as photography and film I enjoy making...

It's been a while....

Well, I’m back. Did ya miss me? Haha probably not.

To be honest, after I graduated from my Art degree in 2010 I’m afraid I fell out of love with the act of creating art for a bit and explored other things while I waited for my mojo to return. Well, that happened this week!

I’m in the process of re-thinking my portfolio so some works make go missing for a while (or forever!) but please do stick with me and my new found enthusiasm for all things art.

My blog has also moved to It’s not an art blog as such – more general mutterings – but it’s always nice to have new subscribers so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself (though they do say that’s how you get the best answers) so please feel free to have a look.


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