♥Looking for "Rising Stars" Co-Host♥

I am looking for Someone Passionate about Inspiring Others.. Are you or do you know someone who would be interested in Co-HostingRising Starsa group for passionate student artists on the rise?

Group Description:

_If you are a student of the arts and passionate about your work
this group is for you!! We will provide plenty of opportunity for you
to receive critiques, honor, praise, recognition and inspiration and best of all a place to showcase your work.

In order to be accepted, you will need to go to the forum and introduce yourself and let us know who you are studying under
or which college you attend and what your goals are.

Wishing you many blessings and inspirations in your artistic journey!!_

i am a dark room instructor who also assists in the mac lab for graphic design and art students at edmonds community college and my students are dying for more recognition and an opportunity to grow as artists, apparently I need a co-host to make this happen!


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