Production Monkey

It is not funny at all being a production monkey. That’s the nickname my Senior Project professor gave a graphic designer that is not evolving at all. Yes. Sometimes we are production monkeys. We have a supervisor literally ‘sitting’ behind us poking us with a stick, telling us how long does it take to finish.

Have you ever felt that anger?

It is uncomfortable. But it is a perk of our job. We need to chill out and be cool, act cool. Being a designer is not easy at all. This is not a “Paint” stuff or an “I can do that exact thing myself” thing.

If you love color and form, and if you know what’s the difference of CMYK and RGB, and if you know how to differentiate Pantene from Pantone…Welcome to the family.

Don’t become a production monkey, because we are not. We are not a workshop member. We are creative creatures that can provide feedback, ideas, and seal deals. We are designers. We solve problems.

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