The purl stitch

Ive only recently discovered a creative side in me. I always thought that staying clear of art and the such was probably best for me, since an attempted drawing of say, a cow, looked more like a bowl of icecream.
But in my 6 months off uni ive discovered knitting and beading (jewellery making). There was a point in time there where i thought i was addicted to knitting….the endless clicking of the needles, the rapid growth of my coulorful scarf. Oh and then it all just got better….. I discovered the purl stitch! Oh the possibilities! Im in the process of knitting a scarf and some really funky socks. One day there will be a jumper…or my ultimate goal…..a sleevless hoodie!
Beading is great for making gifts for friends. There are ideas for designs everywhere, and the possibilities are endless! Lots of fun.

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