Mode 2 Society

I would have to say that the ways in which a Mode 2 society will impact on creative enterprise are vast and many. One of these being the work environment for many in this field. Where it could have started out with a lot of theory and desk work, with the new emphasis on production, experimentation, multiple realities, and collaboration, it’s all going to explode outwards. You will have people teaming up with other people to work on things normally only done with one mind and body yielding much different results. With possibilities for combining two or more outrageously different ideas or theory’s into a whole new product or idea.

Qualifications for jobs will be another change. A lot more weight will be put on experience, both life and job experience, rather than just learnt knowledge. Changing the ways people go about getting and keeping their jobs and professions.

Not only will the work in the field of creative enterprise change but so will the study of it, as well as that of a lot of other professions. University, TAFE and even high school courses and subjects will become intertwined and meshed together in ways not thought of before. This will pave the way for new careers, ideas and inventions, the like of which have never been seen before.

A Mode 2 Transdisciplinary society will allow for a much larger exchange of information and cultures on a world wide scale. So a lot of opportunities will be opened up for creative entrepreneurs in the 21st Century. People would often be “traded” between organizations on a local, national, and international scale. Allowing for new ideas and view points for the not only the organizations but for the individuals as well. Giving them the chance to travel and visit new countries and experience something that they may not have had a chance to do so otherwise. Then lend their skills, talents and know how to new projects and initiatives and take back what they learnt to benefit themselves in their every day lives and their work with the new experiences and skills learned.

For some, adapting to this new way of thinking would be a complicated and rough journey. In the ever changing world that is a Mode 2 society, rules, jobs, positions and ways of doing things would be ever changing and at a much faster pace than they are already. Resulting in a sort of change fatigue, where it all becomes just too much. But for up and coming students and employees in creative enterprise and a lot of other fields of work and study, a part of their study and work should be in learning to deal with this new kind of world and the pace at which it is changing.

The one thing for sure is that things are going to change.

David Swarbrick

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