The Five-Minute Didactic; Philosophies for the Modern Gentleman.

The above is the planned title for a series of short stories I plan to market, by individual book. The target market is busy people- hence the title. Available, in theory, in train stations, airports, local shops- anywhere, in fact, where busy people can be found. Which is most everywhere, when business pervades the majority of our lives. Short stories which make you think, in a very general way, on a number of philosophical subjects; bite-size philosophy. Done-in-30-seconds philosophy. Microwave philosophy. Pandering to society in form, injecting it with new life content-wise. Anyway, my purpose in this (All you see above) is twofold; firstly, to explain where several of my writings have gone- although the majority of you will never have read my writing, and I have my doubts as to anyone’s anxiety at this sudden void- and secondly to gauge public opinion, if you will simply humour me. Go on, humour me. In that box. Right there.

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