I am a South African / Israeli artist.


Celebrate having been blessed with eyes and vision
Dream at night and daydream
Celebrate your dreams
Above all celebrate your Creators creations and find inspiration therein

Dion Futerman
דיון פוטרמן


Born in 1955 in Pretoria, Transvaal, Union of South Africa (now known as Tshwane in the Gauteng Province of the ‘new’ democratic Republic of South Africa) I became an Israeli in 2008, my father having done so many years before.
“My soul and heart draws its energy and song from the soil, sun, and the people of the Holy Land, and the beat, pulse and rhythm of Africa, it’s people and it’s landscapes flows through my veins”.

My creative spirit and energy was evident at an early age, and some family members are known to have commented that I was expressing myself with ‘marks on paper’ (and the family home walls) before I could walk or talk.
My formative years and attitude to art is described in the following extract from a recent interview with American / Israeli author and journalist David Rhodes :

David : “When was your interest in making art first kindled ?”

Dion : “I recall at a very early age the family was on a summer vacation at the coast. One evening my parents had gone out for the evening and the childminder had fallen asleep. When my parents returned to the holiday apartment they found that I had ‘painted’ every wall and inch of available space with the contents of all my mother’s make up bag; so my first painting was a ‘mural’ that covered every wall of an apartment. My father no doubt was furious (and had to have the entire apartment repainted) but I do recall my mother (after her initial shock and outburst) stoically saying ”I think he wants to be an artist". Ever since I was a small child, I have been driven by a power greater than I to express myself through making art."

David : What medium do you have preference for ?

Dion : "Painting is a journey, but for me drawing is my reason to be. I love the physical act of painting, but I have an obsession to constantly draw and I love working in greyscale. Actually as a very young child I imagined that all of history and the past was in black and white ! (Only art in books was in vivid colour !!) The newsreels of my youth were in black and white at the cinema – my formative years were without PC’s and television only ‘arrived’ in South Africa when I was already adult in the 70’s. I love the drama of greyscale, but I do also sometimes get consumed by colour when painting my abstract paintings.

David : “Do you have any formal training ?”

Dion : "I studied under various accomplished South African artists during my youth, and received the art prize for matric at high school. My art teacher at high school artist Gem Melville has always remained the biggest influence on my art and my attitude to the process of making art. After my school years I dropped out of studying art at university level and changed to studying jewellery design for 3 years at the Natal Technikon in Durban. I then became a jewellery designer and gold and silversmith by trade for many years. My art took a back seat for a number of years although I was still ‘tutored’ by some well known South African artists who were personal friends. I have always had a rather negative attitude towards what I call ‘Academic art’ though, and the ‘intellectual world’ of art. I suppose I would call myself semi-self taught. I do not like to talk about any picture nor engage in intellectual conversation regarding any of my art – my feeling is that the picture or image must speak for itself – it has a life and voice of it’s own, and sometimes the very act of drawing or painting can be a very spiritual experience for me.
I do like what J Bronowski says in his book ‘The Visionary Eye’ : No work of art has been created with such finality that you need to contribute nothing to it. You must recreate the work for yourself. You cannot look at a picture and find it beautiful by merely a passive act of seeing. The eternal relations that make it beautiful to you have to be discovered and in some way have to be put in it by you. The artist provides a skeleton, he provides guiding lines, he provides enough to engage your interest and to touch you emotionally.  But there is no picture unless you yourself enter it and fill it out. "

I had very successful first one man exhibitions in 1976 at The Friebel Gallery at 320 West Street, Durban, where I sold 90% of the work on exhibit, and was invited to hold a one man showing at the Shepstone Building, Architecture Department, at the University of Natal the same year.

Having always felt a profound connection to the natural environment since early childhood I draw my inspiration from nature, the African landscape, the human form, as well as from a personal emotional response to the natural environment, as well as to music, especially jazz, poetry and ‘the human condition’.
I was prolific in the 1970’s and 1980’s exhibiting in various group shows, and then for many years jewellery design and manufacturing, and various sales and marketing positions in the commercial world was my main occupation and source of income.

As we entered the 2000’s I closed a full circle and resumed concentrating my energy on drawing and painting which has once again became my main focus, now no longer involved in the world of jewellery.
My art can be found in private collections in South Africa, United States of America, Israel, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Monaco, New Zealand and Australia.

• Images Do Not Belong To The Public Domain. All images are the copyright of the artist – © Dion Futerman. All Rights Reserved.
Copying, altering, displaying, distributing and/or selling any image without prior written consent from the artist is strictly prohibited and subject to any and all legal remedies.

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