Canon Creative Asia Awards

Christmas has come a little early. Recently entered another comp – the Canon Creative Asia Awards – just got my results back, all of the images entered received Bronze Awards (marks ranged from 71 to 78). These were all in the Portrait, Individual Section or Children Section. Really happy with that and the feedback to help improve for next year.
- These downloaded images below with the award underneath from Canon Creative are not great quality at all. The originals and/or my RB versions are much better.…

(I have also been extremely good – I think my LensBaby Composer maybe sitting in a box under the xmas tree, so tempted to have a peek and a play but have restrained myself lol :)
So grateful for the warm friendship and support from so many here on RB. Wishing you all a very joyfilled f

Next Spotlighted Artist...

The Secret Society’s next spotlight is on – Michael A. Morrison
Below is an excerpt from the groups latest journal….just putting up in my personal journal for a bit more deserved exposure!…

Michael A. Morrison has an incredible folio full of outstanding images ranging from his sleek urban series (Urb Reverberation) to his powerful, soul-baring, artistic and thought provoking series ‘I fell from a great height’. Statements on his profile page really best describe Michael as an artist – ‘Michael A. Morrison is an emerging photographic artist who’s work comes from a conceptual perspective’, ‘It is my responsibility as an artist to be passionate, take risks, push boundaries, provoke thought and challenge perception, and so we grow’.
His work is all that and more…enjoy perusing through a small

Inspiring images...

An excerpt from the latest Secret Society journal – trying to get a bit more exposure for the artists in the group.

New features are up and we are still in keeping with the last few weeks where images have been selected as ‘colour complimentary’ features. They are still chosen purely on the basis of our groups ethos and outstanding quality but within abit of a loose colour theme.

If your looking for inspiration all previous weeks features are listed by week in the groups message section.

Hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I do :)

B/W selection....

Just posting in my personal journal as well as the groups journal – the latest selection of features from The Secret Society page. These next few lots of features are going to be arranged by colour – or in this case a Black & White selection. Just trying to keep things interesting – midway thru next week I’ll run a new selection which could be sepia, green tones, yellows etc. Keep your eye out for them – in the mean time, this gorgeous and mysterious array of b/w images up for your visual consumption! You can click on each images or go directly to The Secret Society page. Enjoy…

New Secret Features....

Just adding the latest journal/features from The Secret Society to my personal journal for a bit more coverage.

New features are up and they are amazing. I get so excited selecting the features and then daunted by how many incredibly artistic, mysterious pieces there are. May have to run a few extra features here and there just to be able to include all that deserve to be amongst them. Enjoy!!!

Fellow bubblers have some wins.....

Just saw the 2010 International Aperture Awards have their category winners/finalists and top 50 in each category up for both the Open and Amateur sections. Fantastic to see some fellow bubblers names up there as winners and amongst the top 50.…

In the Open Section – Naomi Frost was 7th in Abstract/Illustrative.
In the Open Section – Bob Wickham managed 6th and 10th in Science and Nature section
In the Amateur Section – Bensound (Ben Ryan) came 1st in Abstract/Illustrative (as well as a slew of top 50 placings in all categories (too many to list individually).
In the Amateur Section – Alf Caruana came 2nd in Abstract/Illustrative as well as another image in the top 50
In the Amateur Section – Ian English came 4th in Abstract/Illustrative.

Also saw Trish O’Brien in a couple of categories of

More Secrets Featured....

Adding The Secret Society features for this week back into my personal journal. Didn’t do it last week and noticed a bit difference in the amount of exposure the featured artists received. Its such a great group, the work and the artists deserved all the coverage they can get.

More wonderfully intriguing secrets to cast your eyes over – our group consistently has such a high quality and array of images to choose from for features each week – these are no exception. Enjoy!

Two more Silvers and another Bronze - International Aperture Awards :))))

Jumping for joy this morning (yes we have moved on from the happy dance lol) – the last of my images entered in the International Aperture Awards have finished being judged and I managed to pick up another two Silvers and a Bronze. This far exceeds any expectations I had when entering, was really just hoping to guage where some of my images sit and anything else was a bonus. Absolutely thrilled to bits!!!
These two silvers were my highest scores which were both 87. These were all in the Amateur section.

The others over the last few days were (in previous journals) -

Silver in International Aperture Awards - Stunned!!!

OMFG – amazing news to wake up to thismorning. One of the images I entered in the Amateur Section of The International Aperture Awards in the People/Portrait category received a Silver Award. Just blown away, the two bronze awards earlier in the week were beyond any expectation that I ever had when entering so this is just amazing.
Too excited not to share – thanks for indulging me :))

Lens Baby vs Tilt Shift

Have just started a photography course – thought I should learn the basics and finally get out of auto mode lol :))
Learning about various lenses and I thinking down the track that I would love to get a lensbaby or a tilt shift lens as I really like the effects. What are the pros and cons between the two and are the end results alot different. Just to clarify I’m not after the miniature effect, but I really like the mood and feel of the images with that particular blur effect. That zoned in clarity on part of the image.
Don’t know alot about the tecnhicalities so keep it simple :))
Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on it for me!

2 International Aperture Awards, how happy am I thismorning.......

I recently entered in the amateur section of The International Aperature Awards in a few different categories – woke up thismorning to two emails saying that the judging had been completed on these two images and that they both received bronze awards. OMG! To say I’m a bit excited is an understatement. These were in the abstract/illustrative category. I have some other entries in other sections but they haven’t finished being judged yet. But was too happy not to share……………

Halloween Special

Posted here for extra group coverage! The Secret Society’s features this week have a halloween twist. See the latest journal below and head over and take a look :)

New features are up and this week is a special features edition with a distinctively halloween flavour – newer and older submissions side by side all depicting the darker side……
We know secrets can be light, about love and whispers but not this week – full of black cats, boogie men, dark creatures, ghostly apparitions, zombies – you get the idea. They are all brilliantly macabre. Enjoy or be scared – either way, a visual feast :))

A Visual Feast....

Giving a bit more coverage to these amazing artists in The Secret Society. A copy of the groups latest journal is below -…

New features are up and I know I sound like a broken record – but it aint getting any easier to select the features. But this is such an amazing issue to have as it means that the quality coming thru is superb. Each week there are more images that I want to feature than there are spots.
This week with a couple of the slots I have delved back a couple of weeks and even months to feature some images that fully deserve to be – they are combined with current submissions that have been selected. This will be ongoing :)

Enjoy this weeks visual feast!! Don’t forget to leave comments if you have time on the various artists work (checkout the full versions, thumbnails never

New features......

As you know I like to put the features up from the group that I co-host in my personal journal as well to reach a broader audience for these amazing artists. Below is a copy of the group journal.

Time for the next round of Secret Society features, and the standard continues to be amazing. I know I sound like a stuck record, but it genuinely is getting so hard to select just 12. Next week I will delve back to some images that have yet to be featured but thoroughly deserve to. So new submissions will be held off from featuring until the week after.

Check out these brilliant pieces of work and enjoy (some of these can not be fully appreciated unless you click on them due to thumbnail restrictions)!

This weeks Spotlighted Artist's (Elox) - Top Picks

As our fifth SPOTLIGHTED ARTIST in The Secret SocietyElox was asked to select a limited number of images that he considers his top picks so far in the group and its a great selection at that.
Below are Elox’s top 6. They will be featured on The Secret Society front page in the ‘About Our Group Section’ until the next Spotlighted Artist is chosen. Be sure to check them out.


Ubet – juznobsrvr

yesterday, today, tomorrow – Michael A. Morrison

dreaming of rain – moyo

Out – Nicolette Thain

your face in shadow – waitin’ for rain

Old town alley – Mojca Savicki

Features are up :)

Posting a copy of this in my personal journal for a bit more exposure for the group – if you like what you see, head over to The Secret Society – there are plenty more intriguing images to check out :)

Features are up for this week – geez you are all making it so hard for me, there were so many more I could have equally featured – in fact I could have selected another 12, the images coming thru are so great. So those that haven’t been – will be featured over the coming weeks. I will also be selecting a week where I go back thru the entire group and feature some older works that may have been overlooked for featuring at the time due to a high number of quality images to choose from.

Enjoy this weeks and congrats to all the artists.

New Featured Spotlight...

Posting in my personal journal to capture a wider audience that just the group :)…

Our 5th Spotlighted Member is – Elox

The Secret Society will be regularly running a spotlight on a featured member’s work and in turn asking that member to select a few favourite images from the group from other members. All of these images including the spotlighted artist’s will be shown on the Secret Society’s page in the ‘About This Group’ section. (Thanks to the ‘Moody & Evokative’ group for the idea).

Spotlight on – Elox
Below are a selection of Elox’s superb works– he captures movement beautifully, always has interesting compositions which in turn creates an amazing mood to his work, as does his use of light/shadow. I always find his work full of mystery and atmosphere – he is certainly an inspiring p

More amazing work....

Putting this in my personal journal to reach a broader audience for these amazing artists in The Secret Society
As well as these featured works, there are so many more outstanding images amongst the pages of the group, check them out for yourself :)…

Features are up for this week and they are amazing – as with last week there were so many still yet to be featured, that are also incredible.
I really struggle with the selections, but rest assured they will get featured in the coming weeks.
Please click on each one and leave the artist a comment if you love the piece.
A new spotlighted artist will be featured toward the end of next week – (moving house tomorrow, so out of action for a few days and need to get internet back up and running as well as unpack of course). Moderation may take up to


Just a bit more exposure for our groups members :)…

Our 4th Spotlighted Member is – Dwarkan

The Secret Society will be regularly running a spotlight on a featured member’s work and in turn asking that member to select a few favourite images from the group from other members. All of these images including the spotlighted artist’s will be shown on the Secret Society’s page in the ‘About This Group’ section. (Thanks to the ‘Moody & Evokative’ group for the idea).

Our fourth spotlight is on – Dwarkan
Below are a selection of Dwarkan’s incredible work– his pieces are so intriguing, astonishing, haunting and so very creative and thought provoking. His work just draws you in. You can click directly onto each image or go straight to his folio if you haven’t already.


Keep an eye out for D

Amazing work....

Adding the journal below to my own for a bit of extra exposure for the artists in our group :))…

The Secret Society Features 25Sep10
Wow – it was so incredibly hard to select features this week – I could have easily chosen 2 lots of 12 without any hesitation. The hardest choices so far – the array and quality of work coming thru is just amazing. Those second lot of 12 and more that are already amongst the group will definitely be featured in the coming weeks, so if you submited one of those superb images recently and its not amongst this weeks features, bare with me as your feature will be coming.
I’m extremely proud to be co-hosting such a strong group.

As a sidenote – the current Spotlighted member – Miruna Uzdris, is currently away from RB so hasn’t been able to submit her fav

3rd Member in The Spotlight

Adding this to my personal journal to give a bit of broader promotion other than just those in The Secret Society group.…

This weeks Featured Members Spotlight – Miruna Uzdris

The Secret Society will be regularly running a spotlight on a featured member’s work and in turn asking that member to select a few favourite images from the group from other members. These images will be shown on the Secret Society’s page in the ‘About This Group’ section. (Thanks to the ‘Moody & Evokative’ group for the idea).

Our third spotlight is on – Miruna Uzdris
Below are a selection of Miruna’s wonderful pieces – her work is so diverse and creative, beautifully artistic with a definite hint of secrets and mystery. You can click directly onto each image or go straight to her folio if you haven’t already.

Next Featured Spotlight

(Posting this in my personal Journal as well for a bit more coverage – beyond the groups members)…

Featured Member Spotlight

The Secret Society will be regularly running a spotlight on a featured member’s work and in turn asking that member to select a few favourite images from the group from other members. These images will be shown on the Secret Society’s page in the ‘About This Group’ section. (Thanks to the ‘Moody & Evokative’ group for the idea).

Our second spotlight is on – Kallena Kucers
Below are a selection of Kallena’s amazing work – words that come to mind – ethereal, mysterious, unique, artistic, and whispered secrets. You can click directly onto each image or go straight to her folio if you haven’t already.

Kallena will then be selecting between 6 to 8 of her favourite


Featured Member Spotlight

(Posting this in my personal Journal as well for a bit more coverage – beyond the groups members)
The Secret Society will be regularly running a spotlight on a featured member’s work and in turn asking that member to select a few favourite images from the group from other members. These images will be shown on the Secret Society’s page in the ‘About This Group’ section. (Thanks to the ‘Moody & Evokative’ group for the idea).

First spotlight is on – juznobsrvr
Below are a selection of Rob’s images – they are moody, haunting and incrediblely atmospheric. You can click directly onto each image or go straight to his folio if you haven’t already.

Group Promotion

Just wanting to promote our little group The Secret Society – I’m blown away by the submissions coming thru, an incredible array of moody, intriguing pieces. Head over and have a look at this weeks features and submissions, you won’t be disappointed.

(I am a little behind in moderations, will hopefully try to catch up this week)

The Secret Society - a glimpse for those who haven't ventured :)

For those who have not yet ventured to the group that I co-host The Secret Society I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the last four sets of featured art to give you an idea of what we are all about and the calibre of the work. Maybe entice some of you who have appropriate images to join and add some of your own. We are looking for mystery, intrigue, secrets (check the guidelines as we don’t like rejecting). Others may wish to just stop by and appreciate some of the amazing work in the group.
Enjoy the visual feast!

A first...

My first selection submitted for the Home Page has been featured – how exciting.
I really love all of these images – be sure to go and check them out on the home page as they deserve viewing and commenting on.
No need to comment here, i was just doing my happy dance as this is a first for me :)


Woke up thismorning and realised I had tipped over the 100,000 views – how exciting!! I thought this was definitely worth marking. I took up photography in Apr/May09 and joined RB in May09. Its amazing to think that since then there have been over 100,000 views and 6 RB Home Pages. I always thought to sell anything on here was secondary and a bonus, but in that time there have been 36 sales (mostly cards, but a couple of matted prints, a poster and a tee).…

I just love the bubble and you can learn so much from all the talented artists and photographers on here. I have so much more to learn – really only in the early stages, and when I see the incredible pieces on RB, it makes me want to keep trying new things and strive to improve my photography and artwork.

Just wanted to say a quic

Good Luck to some fellow Bubblers :)

Could not let today pass without sending out best wishes to some fellow Aussie Red Bubblers for their exhibition which begins today in Melbourne.

Andrew (Parmi), Anthony Mancuso, Caroline Gorka and Angie Muccillo are all exhibiting a selection of their outstanding work in a gallery in Melbourne. Very excited for them and hope that it is a huge success.

If you live in the area:
The Essence Of 4Sight Exhibition at
Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

From June 18th, ending on July 1st.
Brunswick Street Gallery is open 7 days a week: 10am – 10pm

Head there and support them if you can.

Away for a bit...

Heading off on holidays tomorrow for 8 nights in beautiful Kho Samui with the family which should be just lovely – can’t wait to get on that plane and start relaxing. Haven’t been on RB much in the last few days as had alot of office work and housework to get done (had to get rid of all the cobwebs for the housesitters lol :)).

Will hopefully have plenty of new photos to share when I get back – and of course will look forward to catching up on everyones wonderful new work.


A milestone and last few weeks sales & features :)))

Wow – just realised that one of my images has had over 1,000 views.
“Another Time and Place” – How exciting is that! It was Featured on ‘HomePage Vets’ and also sold a card of this to Christine77 – thanks heaps, it really means so much .

Also sold 3 cards of “Amore” (2 to Jayview and 1 to an anonymous buyer – thanks so very much :))

Sold a Poster of “Three Wise Monkeys” to an unknown buyer – thanks a million.

RECENT FEATURES: A huge thanks to the following groups for featuring my images :))
FEATURED IN – “Around The World”
FEATURED IN – “Urban Art”
FEATURED IN – “Your Magic Place”
FEATURED IN – “Photography – Rule of Thirds”
FEATURED IN – “REDemption”
FEATURED IN – “Wall of the World”

FEATURED IN – ‘Textures Unlimited’
FEATURED IN – ‘All Street Portraiture’
FEATURED IN – ‘Ethnic Art’

Folio Review :)))

Sorry – just self indulging a bit here. Just came back from a folio review by 4 different experts (organised as part of the FotoFreo Festival) – I absolutely loved the whole process and feedback.…

My four reviewers were :

Graham Howe (USA) – a curator, photo-historian, and artist. He is the principal of Curatorial Assistance, a creative arts organisation that brings cultural exhibitions and art-related services to clients and audiences worldwide. Curatorial Assistance creates, produces, and manages art exhibitions and art-related projects from concept to completion.

Andy Adams (USA) -the editor/publisher of Flak Photo (, a contemporary photography website that celebrates the art & culture of photography online.

Carrie Levy – is a New York based photo editor, curator,

Home Page Feature (Yay!) and last few weeks features.

Yesterday Vintage Opera was featured on the Home Page – YAY! Thanks so much to Maggie Hegarty who selected the features, so very exciting to see it there. (Top Row 3rd from Left).…

A huge thanks to all the hosts of the various groups below who have featured my work over the last couple of weeks – it is a real honour and I am so very grateful.
I absolutely love RB and particularly the RB community – what an awesome bunch of people!

FEATURED IN – “The Woman Photographer”, “People Photography”, “Friends of Redbubble” and “#1 Artisits of Redbubble”

FEATURED IN – “Status and Such”, “Sculpture”, “Around The World” and “Moody & Evokative”

FEATURED IN – “Statues and Such” and “Urban Exploration”

FEAUTURED IN – “The Photographers Vault” and “Superbly Visual”


Away for a while & some features & a sale :))))

Heading off to Sydney for work tomorrow for 6 days – so won’t be able to check out everyones new wonderful pieces until I get back (will take me days just to catch up lol). I’ll definitely be having withdrawals!! Been lucky to have some wonderful features recently and thanks so much to Kim Calvert for purchasing ‘Anyone Home’ – your a gem Kim :))…

FEATURED IN – “Friends of Red Bubble”

FEATURED IN – “Creative, Talented and Unknown”
FEATURED IN – “Western Australia”
FEATURED IN – “Love Affair With The Lens”
FEATURED IN – “That One Great Shot”

FEATURED IN – “Black and White Photography”
FEATURED IN – “Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence!”
FEATURED IN – “Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends”

FEATURED IN – “Black and White Photography”

FEATURED IN – "Funny Kritters’

FEATURED IN – “Live, Love, Dream”


A rework

Just finished reworking The Jazz Singer
Took out a couple of elements that I felt were distracting and really wanted to just focus on her and the wonderful emotion that she had. Hope you think its an improvement – removed the sheet music and spotlight and cropped a little.

Thanks so much to Jean M. Laffitau in my opinion is the king of b/w jazz images – go take a look. Also Steve ,(who does fantastic portraits) and also Dennis Gay, Mike Manley, Tezz, Paul Anderson and James Coard (from the forums) for all their opinions and feedback with the images and the changes.

Last Fortnights Features & A Sale :))

Just a run down on the last fortnights features -no need to comment. Mainly to thank the various groups for very kindly featuring my work – THANKS SO MUCH – its such an honour and also a HUGE THANKS to a fellow Bubbler for purchasing a card of "Memory Lane’ :))…

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day regardless of status – enjoy your day!

FEATURED IN 5 GROUPS – “Around The World”, “Moody and Evokative”, “Capturing the Moment”, “Unity” and "New to Vintage:

FEATURED IN – “Around The World”

FEATURED IN 3 GROUPS – “People Photography”, “Epic Photographers Association” and “Beautiful Women – Lovers, Mothers and Friends”

FEATURED IN – “The Woman Photographer”

FEATURED IN – “Around The World”

FEATURED IN – “#1 Artists of Red Bubble”

FEATURED IN – “Epic Photographers Association” and “Nik

New Group - The Secret Society

Just letting you all know about a new interesting and intriguing group I am co-hosting called:…

The Secret Society

Tristan Phoenix came up with the concept and asked me to co-host, which I’m very excited about. The other co-host is ChantelleGirl. The synopsis is as follows :)

2 PER DAY :)
This group is for almost everyone, those who keep secrets.
Almost every person has heard a secret, or was asked to keep one. are you on that list? Are you keeping your own very intimate secret, well come on.. Tell us! Or don’t. Do the Art, Do the Photography, Do the writing if you will. We want to know your secrets. You dont actually even have to tell us in words. Do it in, ART : )

Think outside the square, it could be Secret Dreams, Secret Letters, Secret Lovers, Secret Places, Secret Rendevous, Friends

Technical help????

Just noticed that some of my recent images – ones that may have some minor cropping – only give the option on RB in the form of a canvas, framed print, or even mounted print of purchasing ‘small’.

I always upload as a gif and when taking shots on my Nikon D90 my image quality is set to NEF + JPEG normal and my image size is set to ‘Large’.

Am I doing something wrong??

Many thanks in advance – probably a basic question lol :))

Some Recent Features and Sales - Yay!

Such a huge thanks to the various groups for featuring the following images and thanks so much to Jayview for purchasing two of my images as cards – ‘Summers Tide’ and ‘Submerged’. Absolutely wrapt!!
No need for comments – just keeping track.…

FEATURED in 5 Groups (just blown away) – ‘Poetry in Motion’
– ‘Split Tone Black and White’, ‘Around The World’, ‘First Things’, ‘Moody, Dark and Evokative’ and ‘REDemption’

FEATURED IN – ‘Maximum Exposure’

FEATURED IN – ‘#1 Artists of Red Bubble’

FEATURED in ’ ‘#1 Artists of Red Bubble’ . This has now been featured in 9 different groups :))

FEATURED IN – ‘The Woman Photographer’

FEATURED IN 3 groups – ‘The Woman Photographer’, ‘The Photographer in Action’ and ‘First Things’

FEATURED IN 2 groups – ‘Moody and Evokative’ and ‘The Woman Photographer

New Features and a couple of Sales :))

Firstly would love to say thanks to the unkown purchaser of a greeting card – ‘Key To Your Heart’ and to Marion Cullen for purchasing a card of ‘From the Sea’ – how delighted was I :))))…

Thanks to all of the following groups for features over the last couple of weeks – thrilled to bits as always to see any of my images featured amongst the wealth of talent out there, always humbling and surprising :))

FEATURED IN 4 GROUPS – ‘WA Red Bubbles’, ‘Western Australia’, ‘Around The World’ and ‘Moody, Dark and Evokative’

FEATURED IN 3 GROUPS- ‘Sisters In Arms’ and ‘#1 Artists of Red Bubble’ and ‘New To Vintage’

FEATURED IN 2 GROUPS – ‘1 In The Beginning – Ancient Practices’ and ‘Your Country’s Best’

FEATURED IN 2 GROUPS – ‘Sisters In Arms’ and ‘Around The World’

FEATURED IN – ‘Your Magic Place’


Would love some help making some selections :))

Trying to select some images to add to the Solo Exhibition group – the guidelines being that the images should be of exhibition quality, something you’d be happy to see hanging in a gallery. If you have time, would love some input or opinions.

I’ve currently added -
An Australian Portrait
Another Time and Place
Summer Dreams
Carp Diem.

Thanks so much for any feedback, you can have up to 20 images in the group, and if you get selected they exhibit between 8 to 12 of your best. So I need a few more to add in.


desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait