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The Secret Society’s next spotlight is on – Michael A. Morrison
Below is an excerpt from the groups latest journal….just putting up in my personal journal for a bit more deserved exposure!

Michael A. Morrison has an incredible folio full of outstanding images ranging from his sleek urban series (Urb Reverberation) to his powerful, soul-baring, artistic and thought provoking series ‘I fell from a great height’. Statements on his profile page really best describe Michael as an artist – ‘Michael A. Morrison is an emerging photographic artist who’s work comes from a conceptual perspective’, ‘It is my responsibility as an artist to be passionate, take risks, push boundaries, provoke thought and challenge perception, and so we grow’.
His work is all that and more…enjoy perusing through a small selection of his images. You can go to Michael’s profile or click directly on each image if you wish to leave comments.

Journal Comments

  • Norma-jean Morrison
  • annacuypers
  • Scott  d'Almeida