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Peter was a professional medievalist, freelance photographer, artist and sometime musicologist, philosopher, essayist, videographer,...

My Photography

There is light reflected or absorbed, and the means to capture it. There is no possible way that photography can capture reality. All it can capture is the photographer’s skewed vision of the light reflected.

I have looked through many online galleries. I have seen the work of many photographic students (which I once was). I have watched people develop “styles”, and oft-times this development of a “style” has been paralleled by a narrowing of subject matter. I know specialist nude photographers. I know specialist sports photojournalists. I know macro photographers. I think I am trying to specialise in being a generalist (the story of most aspects of my life, methinks!).

I have done photojournalism, both sports and local news. I have done editorial work. I have done some commercial work. I’m at the point now where I really want to have tried, and had some success, at as many genres as I can. I guess that means getting a macro lens at some stage, as that is one area I really haven’t delved into.

Lately I have dabbled in studio portraiture, which I really enjoy. Investing in a studio flash outfit is up there on my priority list. I have done night photography, which is another area I had not really explored a lot, and I enjoy the challenges and the images that creates. I have photographed dance, which I absolutely love doing. The technical challenges of low light, color balance and fast moving subjects are huge, but to capture humans creating art is so wonderful.

So, whilst continuing to push my boundaries with new subjects and styles, I have a few things I would like to delve into further. Portraiture, both studio and environmental is one. The urban landscape and streetscapes is another. Creating images based on the music I love, and for bands/composers and the like is another.

About the only area I would like to get back into photographing that is going to present problems is fine art nudes. That is a real frustration, and one I see no way out of, but, with luck and some time, that too shall come to pass.

For now, I am working at doing at least one shoot a week, and more if it can be organised, and coming to grips with the world of digital imagery. Saving up, and getting some better glass, a studio flash outfit, and setting up a portable set of sets will keep me busy for the nonce, I trust.

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