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New year's Eve with Peter Gabriel and Sigur Ros

So it is 2008 now. As is pretty much usual for me, I had a relatively quiet New year’s Eve. It reached 40C at 4pm here, so it was a mild day and evening. A couple or three friends over for dinner, which was a lovely lasagna cooked by our holiday house guest, and then we sat and watched Peter Gabriel’s “Secret World”dvd and Sigur Ros’ “Heima”, while hand sewing medieval clothing (in my case, hand sewing a 14th century style surcoat to go over my armor).

Suffice it to say that “Heima” should be compulsory viewing for anyone who even vaguely suspects that they may like music and imagery. My photographer’s eye was going crazy with all the fabulous Icelandic imagery, and my music brain was in some sort of tranquil paradise listening to it.

“Secret World” is also a fabulous dvd. I don’t think I have seen a group of extra-ordinarily talented musicians (including Tony Levin, who plays bass, chapman stick, keyboards, does backing vocals and is a dab hand with a camera) just flat out enjoying themselves more performing. Very enlivening to see.

More musicians should learn to have serious fun like Sigur Ros, Amiina and Peter Gabriel’s bands always seem to do.

When I am a bit more awake, and after I have seen it again, I’ll review “Heima”. Until then, may 2008 bring you happiness, tranquility and all that you hope for.

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