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Peter was a professional medievalist, freelance photographer, artist and sometime musicologist, philosopher, essayist, videographer,...

Peter was a professional medievalist, freelance photographer, artist and sometime musicologist, philosopher, essayist, videographer, organisational dynamics consultant and policy adviser.

He began taking photographs for a quarter of a century. He had a Dip of Illustrative Photography (Fine Art), have had several exhibitions (including at Southbank, Roar2 and Linden Galleries in Melbourne) and worked as a freelance photographer for many publications including The Age, Basketball Australia, Climb, Rock, Rock and Ice, local newspapers, shot stock for Black Star and online agencies and done many commercial shoots.

His areas of interest, photographically speaking, where diverse. He enjoyed alternative processes (cyanoptype, polaroid dye transfer and salt prints) . His favourite subject matters included landscapes, portraiture (mostly environmental), conceptual, architectural, street/social comment, dance, fine art nudes and music.

Out from behind the lens he worked as a professional medievalist with two partners (and wonderful friends), do living history/experimental archaeology as a lifestyle more than a hobby and was an avid musicologist, writing reviews and listening to a wide range of musical genres (not hip-hop, rap, musicals, country & western or opera, though). His tastes run to progressive, neo-prog, prog-metal, electronica, post-rock, ambient and conceptual music. He was also an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, social psychology and futurology books.

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These are not Orphaned Works. A google search will turn up more than one way to contact, as defined by “reasonable attempt” or at FuriousEnnui@gmail.com.
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50 questions thingy, because I am bored

1. Do you like blue cheese? / I don’t like mouldy cheese. / 2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette? / Only about 30 a day / 3. Do you own a gun? / I do not, and never will, own a gun. I’ve never even fired one. The NRA are idiots. / 4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? / What an ethnocentric question! I live in Melbourne, one of the acknowledged restaurant capitals of the wo…
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Challenge yourself. Feel the FEAR.

It’s safe inside your box. You know where everything is. You think that you’re being a creative. You’re not. You’re a replicator. You apply the same techniques to the same subjects with the same feel. You may as well be one of those market spray-can artists, doing banal sunsets with a casual swish of aerosol to a formula that they devised years ago. Stop kidding yourself. …
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My Photography

There is light reflected or absorbed, and the means to capture it. There is no possible way that photography can capture reality. All it can capture is the photographer’s skewed vision of the light reflected. / I have looked through many online galleries. I have seen the work of many photographic students (which I once was). I have watched people develop “styles”, and oft-times …
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New year's Eve with Peter Gabriel and Sigur Ros

So it is 2008 now. As is pretty much usual for me, I had a relatively quiet New year’s Eve. It reached 40C at 4pm here, so it was a mild day and evening. A couple or three friends over for dinner, which was a lovely lasagna cooked by our holiday house guest, and then we sat and watched Peter Gabriel’s “Secret World”dvd and Sigur Ros’ “Heima”, while hand s…
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