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Paul Williams is an award winning British photographer who has worked at the cutting edge of European photography taking images for top...

Welcome From Photographer Paul Williams

Thanks for visiting my redbubble portfolio. I have spent all my life from the age of 12 taking photos. My first photos were sold at the age of 14 to the Youth Hostel Association for an advertising brochure. Photography has always reflected what I have been interested in and what my mood and thoughts have been at different periods of my life. This has meant that I have never got bogged down in one style. I find the possibilities of photography too exciting and seductive not to explore as many avenues as I can in my lifetime. Each avenue of photography usually expresses the feelings of that period in my life. Some styles are frivolous and funny, some serious and introspective, just as life is.

I see myself as an image maker. I have worked at the top end of the photography business where clients want a look that is theirs and a photo that communicates their brand identity, product message or editorial article in an arresting powerful way. That is after all the power of photography, it really can replace a thousand words if used properly and that defines the difference between a professional and enthusiast. Professionals have to be able to be briefed by a client and achieve the objectives of the photography project. Enthusiasts have no such pressure and write their own brief and become absorbed in their own world trying to achieve it.

I intend to try to put arresting images on redbubble which reflect the various styles that I am still working on and styles from the past that are now old friends. I hope you enjoy the photos in my portfolio and I look forward to your comments.


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